Nas Talks Grammys, Hip-Hop Beef with Dave Grohl on ‘Chelsea Lately’

Nas and Dave Grohl

T.I., Rick Ross, and 50 Cent have all faced the wrath of Chelsea Handler. But Nas avoided the hot seat during his visit to “Chelsea Lately” when Foo Fighters founder Dave Grohl took over hosting duties for Grammy week. The hip-hop icon and rock legend discussed the Grammys, hip-hop beefs, and their daughters.

Nas, who is nominated for four Grammys at this weekend’s show, feels hip-hop deserves more shine at the awards. “It’s cool. I feel it could be a little bit more love though,” he said. “Hip-hop is making a lot of noise. It should get some more spotlight.”

Grohl also questioned him about the severity of beef in hip-hop. “Once you say it, you gotta ride with it, you gotta be true. Hip-hop is really standoffish. It’s really competitive. It’s really about who’s number one all the time. Sometimes it gets outta hand.”

Nas thanked his daughter Destiny for inspiring his Grammy-nominated single “Daughters” and was asked whether boys feel intimidated to date her. “I thought they would be, but these kids today… These kids are not playing,” laughed Nas. “I had to get strong and let ‘em know.”

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  1. Jacksmith

    Nas is so fucking real but never gets attention ! Same with Lil Kim!


  2. LMAO

    Nas is such a handsome man…it’s hard to believe that he will be 40 this year. His youthful looks must be from living a stress free life, good food & earthly green LOL! Nas has had a legendary career with such longevity mainly due to his God given talents, associated with him being humble and being true to himself. Life Is Trully Good for Mr. Nasir Olu Dara Jones! I will make sure to watch Nas win his first Grammy on Sunday…God willing!


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    damn, hella handsome. hope he FINALLY wins a grammy this year. super ill about his documentary as well.


    Lily Reply:

    @JEREMYDANTE, Nas doesnt have a grammy?? WTF O.o


  5. TeamNas

    Nas is dope! An extremely wise guy. He stays youthful because he doesn’t conform to what society projects as dope. Plus he stays off these social sites like TWITTER and doesn’t use social sites merely to market and pimp fans. His music speaks for itself. If you want longevity, you have to stay clear of the publics eye. These social sites has resorted to dividing people/artist and demeaning each other. Its like hell on earth in written form. There are a few artist that haven’t sold their souls for the sake of fame. And you can clearly assess Nas isn’t one of them.


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  7. Prouy of Uk 2013

    dope interview


  8. Monkeyman

    He’s such a LEGEND. Half man, half AMAZING.


  9. justme

    I love Nas…It’s about time the grammy’s recognize a true hip hop artist. I really hopes he comes away with at least one grammy. If anyone deserves it, it’s him. Loved him from the beginning. And he is so fine…woo!


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