Video: Joe Budden f/ Lil Wayne, Fabolous, & Tank – ‘She Don’t Put It Down’

Joe Budden

With his new album No Love Lost in stores now, Joe Budden caters to the ladies in the video for his single “She Don’t Put It Down.” The Slaughterhouse MC chills in bed with his girl at a Miami penthouse before hitting the club. Loso kicks back in a chair with a cigar and delivers his verse, a Trukfit-clad Weezy raps in front of the Miami skyline, and Tank charms a sexy lady at the bar.

Watch the fellas give praise to their ride-or-die chicks.

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  1. ViktorH

    One more I’m on one copy..


  2. Pereezy YMCMB MMG

    Ohhh! Tunechi why you Soo Great???
    Man! Yall Haters Must Accept, Tunechi’s Verse Took This Song To The Other Level.
    It’s Tunechi, B**ch and you Know that.

    Great Song, Great Video, Congratulations to Budden and Tank


  3. @taimiicel

    i like it


  4. @tedixon

    yes it sounds similar to “im on one” but i couldn’t care less, decent video, shame weezy was in a studio, i prefer the original version, budden’s verses were better


  5. Briana

    I was waiting for Tahiry to be in the passenger seat, but I guess not.


  6. wt

    LOOOOOOL wayne did that shit on a green screen in his bathroom. He aint give a fuck about this niggalol


  7. penfield Lab

    T – M.I.N.U.S


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  9. Prouy of Uk 2013

    nice Music video and their lyrics are Alright





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