55th Annual Grammy Arrivals: Arrivals


Music’s biggest stars showed up and showed out at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Sunday. Beyoncé turned heads in a black-and-white pantsuit by Osman Yousefzada, while Rihanna was red-hot in an Alaia gown.

J.Lo disregarded the Grammy wardrobe memo and showed lots of leg in her sexy black number. Kelly Rowland bodied a a black cutout dress and Solange was gorgeous in green.

The fellas including Chris Brown, Drake, Rick Ross, Trey Songz, Justin Timberlake looked sharp in their designer suits. Lupe Fiasco arrived with his mother as his date, and 2 Chainz channeled Zorro in a cape. Wiz Khalifa rubbed his pregnant fiancée Amber Rose’s stomach, and Frank Ocean posed for a photo with Nas.

See more of the red carpet fashions below.

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  1. bm.kk

    Rihanna is slaying the girlsss!


  2. PrinceJawsh

    Rihanna Yess!!


  3. williNalli



  4. DanceAgain

    Jlo serving bouriqua leg for daaayzzzz


  5. Ursula

    Kelly, Rihanna, J.Lo, YAASSSSSSSSSS!!!!!


  6. LOLA

    Kelly #ThatIsAll!!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. DntJudgehim

    The whole Young Money team is sick ain’t non of them invite at the Grammy

    *Nicki Mianj i want to see her face right now !!


    channelPink Reply:

    @DntJudgehim, Drake was there….


  8. AAA

    I got Kelly and Rihanna


  9. Natasha

    Rihanna!!!!!!, Kelly Rowland, Ashanti, Taylor Swift.


    Aliciasahomewrecka Reply:

    @Natasha, concur


  10. O Lordy LORD

    Lupe Fiasco is havin a midlife crisis
    ?uestlove ewwweeee he is so goddamn fat & wide


  11. Gaga

    Y’ALL NEED TO PUT UP KATY PARY!! She looked the BEST!!


  12. Real Sh!t

    Lupe fiasco is wearing his pyjama


  13. Prouy of Uk 2013

    everybody looks Amazing


  14. coconut

    i would fucck j-lo. darn milf


  15. Hugh

    Katy Perry and Kelly Rowland


  16. Hugh

    Kanye should have turned up. He won 3 awards! They gonna stop awarding him soon


  17. Jay-Me

    Beyoncé, Kelly & Rihanna.


  18. Tae

    King bey was simple with hers but she glowed #mother


  19. Alicia Thornton

    Rihanna,Queen B,Kelly,Chris,Trey,Ne-yo,J.Lo,J-zay,katty they all look sexy,everybody looks good


  20. Alicia Thornton

    Love RiRi’s Red Dress tho,she looks Beautiful n Outstanding,Love her perfromance also she nailed it she sounds great……………n so does everyone else that perfromed…………….


  21. _TUH

    Chris Brown fine as fizzuck!


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