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Kelly Rowland Changes Album Title

Kelly Rowland has had a change of heart. The Destiny’s Child diva has retitled her fourth album.

During an interview at the Grammys, Kelly revealed that the follow-up to 2011’s Here I Am will now be called Talk a Good Game. It was previously titled Year of the Woman.

“I recorded 50 songs and condensed it down and it tells a different story,” she said. “It’s way more intimate and a lot of it is some slick stuff that I’m saying out of my mouth, some things I can’t even believe I’m saying.”

She has been in the studio with Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Rico Love, Kevin Cossom, T-Minus, and Rock City.

“Some of the writers wanted to push the envelope on some things and really open me up a bit as far as what to discuss. Some things really hit home,” said Kelly, whose latest single, the Mike WiLL Made It-produced “Kisses Down Low,” was released to iTunes earlier this month.

  • williNalli


  • AllAmerykhanBoy

    Girl bye.

    • Speechless

      @AllAmerykhanBoy, but you here.

    • We LOVE YOU KELLY !!!

      @AllAmerykhanBoy, watchu mean? smh…

  • ed

    so bascially, she just wanted to make it sound more sexual. well, sex sells.

    love you Kelly, but… that title is not better at all.

  • Hey hey

    Talk that Talk… yawnss… beys album is coming out when ?

    • Speechless

      @Hey hey, may 31, 20never

  • jay

    like the new title!

  • mumi

    I get some Rihanna vibes here. Talk a Good Game is something Rih would use. And by the way, she has to be a little bit more fierce and spoiled to survive in the next years coming…

  • ugh

    still a wack title..smh…do better

    • Speechless

      @ugh, so is your life sweety.

  • Rhett

    I forgot she was releasing new music this year. Title’s a bit cliche, but good luck Kelly. You’ll need all you can get.

    • Speechless

      @Rhett, lol yea like you havent seen her on rap-up almost everyday since Ice came out. try again.

  • Frankie

    But …. Beyonce is relea — nevermind, I’m sleep. SMH.

    • IV.

      @Frankie, she released her last album a month after Bey and still had a Top 2 release so have several f*cking seats.

  • You Mad ‘Cause I Don’t D–k-Ride Ya Fave?


    This is my issue with Kelly, she all the potential to be as big as Beyonce, yet she pushes herself into a box where all she sings about is sex. *yawn*

    Kelendria, you’re gorgeous, branch out, sing about other things, you can do so much more my dear!

    • Oh

      @You Mad ‘Cause I Don’t D–k-Ride Ya Fave?, Sadly thats what she has to do because the industry wont allow her to become something more than just a “sex” symbol

    • IV.

      @You Mad ‘Cause I Don’t D–k-Ride Ya Fave?, you haven’t even heard the album to say she hasn’t branched out. She released all kinda topics on previous album and no one purchased so she’s doing what she needs to in order to be successful.

      Besides Diane Warren and Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis contributed to the album too

  • Sharp Tongue

    I don’t like it. *Shrugs*

  • YessKelly


  • ME

    Ugh…I’m so ready for this album.

  • Aaron


  • Kyle

    That’s an interesting title change. I kinda liked the concept of “Year of the Woman” but “Talk a Good Game” sounds like that could be kind of cool. I am so excited for a new album from her. I love me some Kelly and she looked delcious at the Grammy’s. YUMMMMAAYYY!

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  • @IamMrHAndsome

    u girls are always talking trash to each other!


  • Prouy of Uk 2013

    nice interview and good luck with the album since she changes the title of it

  • Asa

    I hope her next single doesn’t suck, because that stupid song is not doing it for me.

    I don’t like either of the title, but this new one isn’t any better.

    I want to buy that album Kelly, show me something I can hang my hat on.

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