Rap-Up TV: Ashanti Talks Young Money Rumors, ‘Braveheart’ Album

Is Ashanti the next Young Money Millionaire? The R&B diva stepped out to Cash Money’s Pre-Grammy Party in West Hollywood over the weekend. But when asked about rumors that she may be joining Lil Wayne and his YMCMB family, she remained coy.

“We’ll see,” she told Rap-Up TV on the red carpet. “Those are my peoples.”

Ashanti is currently wrapping her fifth album Braveheart, due this summer, and is readying a new single.

“We’re definitely going with a new single,” said Ashanti, who is also gearing up to shoot a video. “I’m super excited about it. Hopefully we’ll be shooting in another two to three weeks. Amazing record.”

She also spoke about her collaborations with R. Kelly (“That’s What We Do”) and Keyshia Cole (“Woman to Woman”). The ladies plan to shoot a video for their duet off Keyshia’s album Woman to Woman soon.

Additionally, she can be seen in the Lifetime series “Army Wives.” “It’s a wonderful cast, wonderful opportunity,” she said. “It’s a platform. It’s all about being visible.”

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  1. Kingofhearts

    Can’t wait!!!!!


  2. Shari

    Love her! She looks so sneaky with that ymcmb comment lol. Hey drake :).


  3. Shay


    Check my girl out on Army Wives Sunday March 10th on Lifetime.

    Always anticipating new music from Ms. Ashanti!

    #TeamAshanti for life!


  4. James

    Ashanti is doing her thang!!! I love it!!!


  5. True_Critic

    This is the reason I love her…she is very talented with that pen, her voice is sensual, most of all even with her accomplishments she remains HUMBLE. When she comes with music she storms even w/o the big record deal behind her. IM ROOOOTING FOR YOU ASHANTI ….stay blessed


  6. Kyle

    I hope she stays away from Young Money because they have signed so many people in the last year. They are beefing up their roster so much to the point where a lot of these artists are going to get lost in the shuffle and will have to sit on the back burner for awhile and wait for the bigger artists to release their projects. And I think Ashanti may be one of those people. I hope she stays independent. Good luck to her!


  7. Enough Said

    Damn it seems like right after The Woman You Love was released its been a struggle to release new singles since TWYL didnt perform well on the charts it just wouldnt have made sense to release the album. The set up needs to be right. I dont think being independent will work for Ashanti honestly shes the type of artist that needs to be pushed by a Major label. She should just do a joint venture deal hopefully that happens. I wish the best for her.


    LJ Reply:

    @Enough Said, I agree. Big Ashanti fan, but I never thought going independent was going to work for her… She needs a major label and I think this would be a good move for her. Put her on a hot Drake record or Wayne record, then drop a hot single of her own kind of like Irv did with Ja and Fat joe back in the day.


    Enough Said Reply:

    @LJ, That would be an awesome idea matter fact.


  8. Boss

    Yessssss Ashanti!!


  9. CITY



  10. AJ

    She’s pretty much signed up to Cash Money. A spokesperson for Republic Records spoke about how they’d signed to distribute and work with Ashanti – Pretty much confirmation that she’ll be releasing her album on Republic. Given her public affiliation to YMCMB, its more thank likely she’ll release under them. Much of the earlier material will probably be scrapped.


    Shay Reply:

    @AJ, Good info.



  11. Lamar

    I love Ashanti! I’m glad she is doing big things and still can’t wait for the music!


  12. Brina

    Can’t for new music and Army Wives from Ashanti!!:)


  13. Sabrina

    What happened to Fuse News?


  14. Prouy of Uk 2013

    Hope she bring some Good music and I’d love to see her act in more big movie


  15. Kareem

    Go Ashanti


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