Rap-Up TV: Mindless Behavior Shares Valentine’s Day Dream Dates

What would a date with Mindless Behavior be like? In honor of Valentine’s Day, the teen heartthrobs—Prodigy, Roc Royal, Ray Ray, and Princeton—reveal their romantic plans for the ladies.

Ray Ray would fly his girl to an exotic location, while Roc would plan a more simple date. Plus, find out who would take their girlfriend to Walt Disney World and who would let their lady decide.

The R&B sensations are gearing up to release their sophomore album All Around the World on March 12, and just premiered the video for their first single “Keep Her On the Low.”

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  1. keili perez

    the reason i just have to love princeton . he knows how to treat a lady and to love her. he deserves the best. and i truly love him.


  2. Imani wicks

    I would love to go on a date with ray ray because he seems very romantic and he knows how to treat a girl and how to compliment her he would know how to impress her on the date I think he would be the perfect gentleman


  3. Armani Chanel'

    I am IN LOVE with Princeton. That is to sweet. I wish I was his Valentine. He actually is the sweetest person i Know.


  4. Davinia

    OMGG i want to be ray”s valentine he is soo sweet and soo romantic he knows wat to do with “”his girl””

    (i’m his gir!!)



    Davinia Reply:

    @Davinia, *girl :)


  5. Toshonia Perez

    Aww the guys are soo sweet ! btw-I would like to go to NYC Princeton


  6. jada

    Aww they are so sweet :) I love them all


  7. Malia

    I love Princeton he seems like he know how to treat a girl. Sometimes I truly wish I was his valentine.


  8. D

    I would go on a date with ray ray because he would make a girl laugh and he knows what a girl likes. i know we’d be the perfect couple


  9. schnielle

    Aww to cute but roc royal i would love to go on date with he seems very romantic like


  10. Prouy of Uk 2013

    Aww that nice of all of them How sweet of them Boys


  11. Janari dyches

    I think i will go on a date with prodigy because i have never been to diseny world and i will love to go there


  12. Janari dyches

    And because he is the perfect gentelman and he knows how to treat a lady


  13. constance

    The perfect Valentines would be rock royal because he is very sweet and he know just what a lady wants and I think all of them would be the perfect Valentines just because there all very sweet and intelligent I have a good feeling that they will be any fans best Valentines


  14. eli

    I like to go with roc


  15. sassy

    Roc Royal date will be the best because I love how he is calm,simple an sweet and If I was his valentine we’ll have so much fun.



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  17. cece velasquez

    omgg lololo to prodigy and Princeton but I like ur dream dates Princeton just went okay im going too pull out a map and let her choose were she wants to go that waz cute and prodigy im like u I love Disney land u cant duot that so I agree as for roc royal ur too cute I liked what u said ray ray ok shoppin is cool but think of something else but love the beach dream date ME BEING MINDLESS ALL THE TYM LOVE YALL


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