Beyoncé Sits Down with Oprah on ‘Next Chapter’ [Video]

Beyoncé and Oprah

Prior to the premiere of her HBO documentary Beyoncé: Life Is But a Dream, Beyoncé sat down with Oprah Winfrey for a special episode of “Oprah’s Next Chapter.” During their one-hour conversation, which took place in New York, the 31-year-old singer opened up about her Super Bowl performance (“I’ve never worked so hard for 12 minutes in my life”), severing ties with her father/manager Mathew Knowles, and her husband Jay-Z. She also reflected on her heartbreaking miscarriage and the happiest day of her life when her daughter Blue Ivy was born.

On Blue Ivy: “She is hilarious and she is fire. … Lord, I’m gonna have me a time,” said Bey about her now 13-month-old baby, who she describes as “very smart.” She loves to read and do flash cards.

On how fatherhood has changed Jay-Z: “He’s a different human being and it’s really beautiful to see a young man, such a great father, and I’m so lucky.”

On expanding their family: “Maybe after this next tour, I’ll maybe have another baby.”

On Sasha Fierce: “I don’t really need Sasha Fierce. I don’t really have the alter ego that’s so different. … I’m more connected to my art because I feel like Sasha Fierce lives within me all the time.”

On why she doesn’t tweet: “It’s so much fun to tell my stories through photography. That’s what I chose to do.”

On how she has changed: “I’m trying to take it easy. Do things when I’m inspired.”

The interview concluded with Oprah hailing Beyoncé as the “beloved mistress of the universe.” Watch O go one-on-one with B in the full episode below.

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  1. Kneegrew

    thats by bitch


  2. Donny

    Jay z far from a young man lls but still a good interview


  3. meme

    oprah must have done beyonce makeup and dressed her. She looked all off in everyway during this interview.

    On a good note. I love every min of it. She looks genuinely happy. I couldnt stop smiling while watching her. I loved the moments where she was lost for words and couldnt get her sentences it. It showed another side of her. Love this woman.


  4. H.N.I.C.

    …sleeping & walking, sleeping & walking. HOW am I doing it. *over-exaggerated yawn*


  5. Morgan

    And people have the nerve to ask me why I’m a fan.


  6. Iller

    Love it.. And she didn’t cry (don’t know why but I thought this interview would make her cry)


    Baddie Blue Reply:

    @Iller, Because she don’t want to cry !


  7. Rob

    Un love w This woman..class beautiful talented..she just perfect


  8. Chloe Spade

    It was kinda boring. I was disappointed.


  9. CODE RED Chris Dorner

    A picture tells a thousand stories! I can imagine how much pressure Africans in America go thru, especially women! This picture of Beyonce to an African like me is just very very sad, coz where u Africans livin in America see beauty i see an oppressed minority African trying to fit by looking like a white woman! Fake hair, fake skin color, fake everything Just very sad!


    meme Reply:

    @CODE RED Chris Dorner, there are plenty dark skin beauties in american as well, kelly rowland & Azelia Banks are a few. Beyonce was born light so its not like she can make herself look more black.


    T Reply:

    @CODE RED Chris Dorner, Beyonce isn’t just African. She’s Creole and has French and Native American in her heritage as well. So is she supposed to shun those parts of her heritage and only acknowledge the black side?

    We’re all entitled to our own truths tho. Now me saying that doesn’t make what you’re saying about most women any less true but why is Beyonce singled out? That’s a whole other conversation entirely.

    Why can’t she just live?!

    The same way some African women (And there are MANY nationalities, tribes, and regions) have their beauty practices for various reasons as does the African American woman. I’m well aware of the standard of European beauty being forced on us of African descent but when are we going to acknowledge that it’s become apart of our culture and stop instantly labeling those who follow them negatively or attempting to shame them?


    british proune uk 2013 Reply:

    @T, True but beyonce always rep her self as a african american woman maybe some people didn’t know that she had other Heritage in her and the only thing they acknowledge her as a African american woman



    this interview was wack and boring..expected it to be much better..oprah and her kiss ass.beyonce cannot form a sentence for shit..very hard to watch her struggle


  11. Deadass Tho?

    As a HUGE FAN…let’s just get that clear.. b/c I stan for this bish…..BUT…this shit was boring.


  12. CODE RED Chris Dorner

    @meme, u r right about Kelly n Azealia.


  13. BreezyLover

    She’s kinda obsessed with Jay-Z. Thats not good.


    Hayley Reply:

    @BreezyLover, I wish there were more “obsessed” women in the AA community maybe we would have a higher marriage rate, and less babymama’s.


  14. RNB 4 evah

    she has an ugly husband


  15. Think Before You Write

    @Code Red Chris Dorner

    While you’re punching out bile on your little old computer, Beyonce is living her life, happy, free, fulfilled and loved.

    Stick that in your hate-filled in-box.


  16. Jay-Me

    I don’t think that Oprah brang it in this interview but that is also what I liked about it. It was soft, intimate & quite inspiring. Man I love Beyoncé. Not really sure what people were expecting.


  17. CODE RED Chris Dorner

    @T, thanx fo yo reply. I kno alot of faceless people like to spew hate on articles here on the comment section of Rap-Up! Believe me am not out to do that n i also kno this article on B is not about race! Mayb i should take my own advice n keep my thots to myself! Am not singling out B its just that she’s in the lime light therefore we all kinda use these so-called stars as our markers. There’s a saying which goes like “the people who laugh n critise u secretly admire u”. If u feel were am coming from u’d see that psychologically am one of those people who kinda feel for my fellow Africans in that society were the odds r stacked against the so called minorities. I have never known how it feels to b a minority coz here in Africa were am at we r the majority. On a lighter note the song n video of Single ladies is a classic those hip movements r epic!!!


  18. RealTalk....

    It was a boring interview. I cringe everytime she speaks. Even Oprah’s facial expressions was like “girls just get it out, whatever your trying to say”


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  20. british proune uk 2013

    One thing I’d like to know is Did she ever had the chance to meet her Lil Borther that her dad had by another woman and this interview is Nice


  21. cyndy

    Haha its so funny how she says after the next tour ill have another baby ….bitch you ain’t even have the first one so what makes it seem you will have another one!?


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