New Music: Mariah Carey – ‘Almost Home’

Almost Home

Mariah Carey approaches the finish line on “Almost Home,” her new single from Disney’s fantasy adventure film Oz The Great and Powerful. The pop diva belts out inspirational words on the comforting tune, which she produced with Stargate and penned with Simone Porter, Justin Gray, Lindsey Ray, Tor Erik Hermansen, and Mikkel Eriksen.

“‘Almost Home’ has a message that works beautifully with the film,” said Mariah. “It’s a feel-good record, evoking the feeling of reaching your home and being with people that you love.”

David LaChapelle, who previously directed Mariah’s video for “Loverboy” and photographed her album covers, will helm the upcoming video.

The full song hits U.S. iTunes tomorrow, while the movie arrives in theaters on March 8.

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  1. I'm me

    These inspirational songs can go! I want another “Touch My Body”/”We Belong Together” from MC.


    Chris Reply:

    @I’m me, Touch My Body was absolutely horrible though.


  2. Libo

    She’s so effortless it hurts!
    Love you Mimi!

    Hope she continues this music style in her next album, cause Triumphant was a humongous flop… I don’t even want to remember… (Get’em!)


    EveO84 Reply:

    @Libo, why does everyone say that triumphant was a flop didn’t the song make it to #1 on the dance charts & top 50 on the R&B there is some success


    NicKEN Reply:

    @EveO84, Sweeite, no1 uses that dance chart. It flopped.

    DEAL –>


    lala Reply:

    @NicKEN, but she got 18 #1 to fall back on


  3. Lambie

    I really like the song! Mariah is sounding amazing.
    The song could be a hit at radio.



    Why did they sample the last 30 SECS and the snippet sounds SO different to the actual song!

    The song is SO BEAUTIFUL but SOUNDS LAZY until the last 30 seconds! Sounds like a totally different song!


  5. Kemar (@S_C_Jr on Twitter)

    I really like it. She should stay in this lane. Legendriah, GREAT JOB!


  6. eddie

    I’m a fan good pop song for the movie but I want some touch my body or Heartbreaker I seen her live and she still has it but this isn’t the first single off her album another song called “Your Mine” is a song on the album i saw it on her web sit Both Mariah and Beyonce need too drop their first singles or don’t bring all this hype about new music projects come hard or go home real talk


  7. L4L

    Yesssssssss!!!!!!! The QUEEN is back, I love it!


  8. L4L

    Yes! The QUEEN of Vocals is back!


  9. Pereezy,YMCMB MMG. Good Kush & Alcohol

    Is This The Best She can Do???
    F**k It, She Needs To Stop


    LAMB Reply:

    @Pereezy,YMCMB MMG. Good Kush & Alcohol, Technically this a song for Disney its not a “Mariah Thing” something she did for Disney cause she lovvvvvvvvvvves Disney


  10. Curt

    Sadly, I do not really like it. I feel like it doesn’t really go anywhere. I’ll be on the lookout for future singles Mariah! I believe in you :)


  11. JDollar

    Amazing song! this is a true return to form for Ms. Carey.


  12. Missy

    Love it. I can’t wait to buy it tomorrow.


  13. WonderLand19

    Perfect. Thank You Mimi :)


  14. Kate

    I can’t wait to buy this tomorrow ! What a great song ! You’re almost home Mariah ! YES !


  15. CaesarLiveNLoud

    player not working… anyone has the soundcloud link?


  16. Nick

    This is a great song, well I think so, I mean it’s not for her album so idk why you’re all hating. It’s obviously for a movie omg


    CaesarLiveNLoud Reply:

    @Nick, it’s very inspirational, being for a Disney movie it is exactly what I expected :)


  17. DJInVincible74

    This is a different sound for Mariah. It sounds fresh and I can see it being a huge hit on Adult Contemporary and R&B radio. I hope her next single is something more uptempo like “Someday” or “Like That” as I feel her voice is better suited for tracks like those.


  18. Diego



  19. Janet

    People really like its gonna be a hit and its not single off the album good mc


  20. ryanbob571234

    Nicki minaj


  21. babii

    I love it! #smash @jp_babii


  22. none

    doesn’t her voice sound like… idk, not her? idk, it just sounds different to me from the very beginning. I like the song and hope she has one more big ‘mimi’ scale comeback in her career but i just noticed the diff vocals.


  23. Dennis C

    Amazing song!!!I’m in love!!!mimi you’re truly talented and wonderful woman!!!


  24. Ty

    You all do know that this is just a song from the soundtrack of a Disney movie and not a single from Mariah’s new album? I really like the sound though, I would not have thought that this was Mariah had I not seen the title.


  25. Neutral Person

    After 3 listens of the new song for the movie Oz The Great And Powerful I’d say this is a catchy soundtrack song, but nothing more. And that’s the point. People will miss to distinguish between this being written for the movie and Mariah’s own music. While this might be rather a filler song on a normal album it fits the OST with its message and all. It has a catchy chorus and good lyrics, but it has to be promoted to be a hit. Like with Triumphant (Get ‘Em) last year, I miss the somehow unique Mariah feel of the earlier records. The song is definitely suitable for pop radio as it’s a StarGate production and if other artists can have big hits with StarGate why shouldn’t Mariah (remember Bye Bye landing at #19 in 2008)?. Though I must admit that her voice sounds too altered on this one and in the end its a bit repetitive. On a personal level, I’d say I enjoy this, but I’m not in love with this. It would end up in the lower half of my tracklist of a Mariah B-Side CD together with Heat and Makin’ It Last All Night (What It Do).

    *Please be aware that I still love Mariah and have high hopes that her new album is different to the song and will send her back on top again – we all know she can do it and not everything she does is pure gold – you can’t love all Mariah songs equally in my opinion.*


  26. James

    Mediocre and only slightly better than Triumphant for me. Another dud on the whole. Her 90s work will always be the best. She had much better ballads and R&B stuff back then too. She doesn’t seem to know what direction or sound to go with anymore, although I’ll be fair in saying I know this song is for a Disney soundtrack, so I can give her some leeway.


  27. viciuzurban



  28. Frankk

    The song is amazing, I’m really feeling it


  29. Mel

    I have been a fan of Mariah’s music and her in general since the 90′s but I have to say i’m not feeling this or any of Mariah’s latest efforts. Although this song sounds like it’ll go well with the movie, it’s really nothing special to be honest. It just seems like she doesn’t really care anymore, which is sad because she is one of the few artists I feel that actually has the power to change music and bring “Real” music back to it’s truest form today. She has gotten lazy, she doesn’t put the soul and effort into records like she once did. She writes all of her music which Iv’e always loved and respected but her lyrics today really don’t have much depth anymore and are quite basic to say the expect that from an basic artist not Mariah Carey. I’m glad she is still releasing music after two decades in the game but it’s just sad to listen how much the quality of her music has declined (not her voice, but her music). Maybe my expectations are just high, but I know what she is capable of and it’s not this or Triumphant. I hope this single does great, but i’m rooting for her to come harder with the official single for her album.

    Hope the new album is filled with strong powerhouse ballads with real instruments with a little jazz influence. She also needs to ditch JD’s tired production this time around and work with new urban producers if she’s gonna do the hip hop records. and also new songwriters. We need something new and fresh but still “Mariah”. I know she can do it again like she did with TEOM.


  30. Jay

    Go Mariah!!!! I love it!!! I’m excited about this movie. This is definitely a great song for the film!! I’m really looking forward to MC’s new album!!!!! :)


  31. Jesse Fay

    I love this song…it sends chills down my spine…at last…Better music this time around!!


  32. british proune uk 2013

    The song is Alright and the song seems like it for the kids to jam to make their own dance to this song if they heard it on the Radio on disney’s channel


  33. Asa

    I like the song, it’s not great and not bad. Just a solid song.


  34. vps

    This post is amazing. I realy like it!


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