Tyga Delays ‘Hotel California’ to April


Tyga fans will have to wait a little longer to get their hands on his new album. The Young Money rapper has delayed Hotel California until April.

Tyga’s third album was previously due March 26, but has been moved back a couple weeks to April 9 due to a sample clearance issue.

He made the official announcement on Twitter. “Got a few crazy Samples I need to clear for #HotelCalifornia So Official album date is April 9th!!” he tweeted.

He also promised that there would be no more push-backs. “No more changes!!!” he told his followers.

The follow-up to his 2012 album Careless World: Rise of the Last King features the singles “Dope” with Rick Ross and the Wiz Khalifa-assisted “Molly,” plus a collaboration with Chris Brown (“For the Road”).

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  1. Chris

    I thought “For The Road” was supposed to drop on Valentine’s Day? What happened to that?


  2. Enough Said

    And not a single ounce of a f*ck was given. The same thing happened to his last album too. it will flop just like his last one


    Chris Reply:

    @Enough Said, His last album was actually good though. It was better than Lil Wayne’s last album.


  3. Truth

    Tyga literally just tweeted out less than 10 mins ago that his album was being pushed back and rap-up immediately posts this. Is this supposed to be some strategy to help his album sell lmao. Buying 8 million dollar cribs, cars etc and he doesnt even have a gold or platinum album under his belt.


    HeavyHeavy Reply:

    @Truth, Most artists get money from touring not album sales. $10 for a album vs. $100 for a concert ticket. Do the math. Plus he has his own clothing line and endorsements so YES he can afford it.


    Truth Reply:

    @HeavyHeavy, Yeah but most artists are able to go on tour and start clothing lines due to the fact that there albums have sold. Tyga is lucky to be able to tour without even a Gold album under his belt. His first LP doesnt even have a certification yet.


  4. ♦CorCor♦

    He Still tryna sell 800k – 1mil album like Nicki, Wayne, and Drake.


    Truth Reply:

    @♦CorCor♦, Lmao how is that gonna happen when his album cant even sell 100k in a week. Good luck with that lol



    no surprise since lil wayne is also dropping an album the same date


  6. wqe

    lol why do you need an extra month to clear some samples when you already have more than a month to clear them right now. whats the real reason


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  9. british proune uk 2013

    hope his album don’t get push back no more after this crap maybe his album will Fail


  10. Dope

    Dope and molly are dope hits, this album won’t flop.


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