Rita Ora and Iggy Azalea Step Out to Pre-Brit Awards Dinner

Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora

On the eve of the Brit Awards, blonde babes Rita Ora and Iggy Azalea stepped out in style to Nick Grimshaw’s first annual award season dinner at Hix in London. The “R.I.P.” singer rocked a fur shall, while the Australian rapper wowed in orange. The ladies dined with some of the U.K.’s biggest stars including Tinie Tempah, One Direction’s Harry Styles, and Mark Ronson.

“im going to admit openly i had a fucking amazing time at @grimmers dinner tonight!!! arghhhhhhhhhh i love my friends!” tweeted Iggy, who signed a new deal with Mercury Records in the U.K.

Her tourmate Rita is nominated for three awards at the Brits. “Thank you to all the great Brits wishes! The day has come ladies and gentlemen! #arrrgghhhhhhhhhh wow I haven’t like this since……” tweeted a nervous Rita.

See more of the glamorous gals on the scene.

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  1. Regina

    Fab chicks!!! Love love Rita the next big thing, and Iggy is the future of female rap.


    Oggy Reply:

    @Regina, Erm nooo.


  2. Iconic Iggy

    Iggy looks gorgeous as always


    dexlovesrih Reply:

    @Iconic Iggy, i agree iggy>>>>>>>>


  3. Patt

    Iggy is flawless


  4. kate

    hate you iggy


    Iconic Iggy Reply:

    @kate, And she doesn’t even know of your existence lmao


    kate Reply:

    @Iconic Iggy, stfu ! She can not rap. her flow stays the same !!!


  5. mumi

    Both flops walk hand in hand, nice.


  6. John

    she’s only their because she’s touring with rita,

    iggy who?


  7. Righteous

    Nick Grimshaw? Ugh…..shows the kind of people they are by the company they keep.


  8. BreezyLover

    Yess Rita my baby! Haters gonna hate!


  9. Mb92

    If Iggy’s rapping career doesn’t blow up she could always be a TOP model!!


  10. B-rocka

    The rap thing ain’t never gonna work for Iggy – the gimmicky accent grates, the flow never go right, the lyrics are weak as fuck…and this is coming from someone who really tried to like Iggy but the fact is she is terrible. If she would tone down the horrible dirty south ‘ganster’ accent she tries to do and admit defeat to her own writing ‘skills’ & make T.I her ghost writer she might be on to something, but right now if I listen to a bitch song it really does make me laugh, cringe and turn that ish off, all a that.


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