Video: August Alsina f/ Trinidad James – ‘I Luv This Shit’

Trinidad James and August Alsina

August Alsina has a way with the ladies. The New Orleans newcomer is not ashamed of being a player in the video for his debut single “I Luv This Shit” featuring Trinidad James.

He sleeps with two women and later hits the strip club with the “All Gold Everything” rapper, where he runs into both ladies. A fight ensues as August laughs it off.

Signed to The-Dream’s Radio Killa Records/Def Jam, August is readying his debut for release later this year.

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  1. whitechocolate

    this my shit. favorite new R&B record.


  2. free

    Sounds like every other rap/sung collaboration I’ve heard. Would it kill new artists to be original??? Like, I’m not asking for deep meaningful every song….just something different. But oh well I’m not gonna waste my energy on in the moment artists. They’re not going far anyways. Oan why would you collaborate with somebody like Trinidad James early in your career? You don’t want to be taken seriously.


    Nito Reply:

    @free, great point.


  3. Meekat

    Don’t we already have a Trey Songz?


    JLawlss Reply:

    @Meekat, Just because he’s singing RnB and Trey Songz is about doesn’t mean theres not room for him. He sounds more like Jeremih anyway


  4. barey

    i kindalike the song…lol…i cant believe that omarion and bow wow rumor though..i mean just google kelsnetwork


  5. Mikayla

    The song would be alot better without Trinidad James. I’m sorry but I just can’t take him seriously…


  6. Chloe Spade

    Once again…typical, generic. uninspiring. Next.


  7. Daniel

    This song is sick


  8. IV.

    This song is dope as f*ck but I’m tired of these “men” thinking it’s cool to disrespect females and then publicizing it to the young impressionable men with no guidance. Sh*t is disgusting to me.

    So glad I’m gay because idk how y’all do it.


  9. whitechocolate

    na. this doesn’t even sound like trey. find another reason to hate on a good song. sorry.


  10. Tiarab

    thiz song is good!!!!!!


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