Album Cover: Fantasia – ‘Side Effects of You’

Side Effects of You

Fantasia goes glam on the cover of her fourth album Side Effects of You. Originally due in March, the project will now arrive on April 16 featuring the single “Lose to Win.”

“My Baby!!! My Blood, Sweat, Tears. My Name, My Joy, My Pain, My Album.. Side Effects of You!!!!! ROCK♥SOUL,” tweeted the “American Idol” alum.

The 28-year-old singer has worked mainly with producer Harmony on the follow-up to 2010’s Back to Me. “This time I just wanted to stick with one person so we could have an album that has one sound and everybody’s on the same page,” she told Steve Harvey.

The new music will feature a “rock-soul” sound akin to Tina Turner and James Brown. “It’s my baby ’cause I finally got to write,” she said. “I just wanted so bad to do something like that and I thank the record company, RCA, for allowing me to finally be able to do that on this album.”

Watch ‘Tasia as she breaks down her single “Lose to Win.”

What do you think of Fantasia’s cover art?

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  1. Rihanna

    ewww. flop. wig. mouth. illiterate.


    Ashley Reply:

    @Rihanna, Chile, shut the h*ll up and get your life! She’s speaking just fine to me! And she has obviously accomplished more than you already have in your miserable little life, cause your own the net being critical of someone you don’t know.. Show your face, I’m your you look like sh*t!

    Fantasia is beautiful!


  2. kwayzee



    kwayzee Reply:

    @kwayzee, no*


  3. No Name

    “It’s my baby ’cause I finally got to write.”
    Bish, how can you write when you can’t even READ?”


    Trey Reply:

    @No Name, B*tch can you write? Spell? Bish is not a word!!! It’s not even in the dictionary, just saying…. Trying to talk about someone else and you can’t spell your damn self! SIT all the way down.. don’t even comment anymore


    Ashley Reply:

    @Trey, AHH HAHAHA!!! Right, ignorant people! They don’t know how to uplift anyone anymore.. They just spew hate because they hate themselves..In any event, you told her/his ignorant a**.. The can’t even put a name to that infected mouth of theirs!


  4. Jake

    Fantasia is a beautiful woman and a legend in the making.. Silly broads like Rihanna (go figure) ^^^ needs to STFU… Keep being destined for greatness Fantasia! These snakes can’t keep her down, haha AT all.. Fantasia can’t wait for the album


  5. Jacob

    FANTASIA is beautiful and becoming a woman! Can’t believe people hate how they do but that just means you loved and highly favored! Wishing her the best and me and my wife will be buying the Album for both our cars! Good Luck Fantasia! Fans show your love and support!


    yolanda Reply:

    @Jacob, so who’s paying you to write these fake ass comments and where can I sign up?


    Jacob Reply:

    @yolanda, Well bitch if you wanna sign up be my guest but who paying you to hate!! Seems you got alot in you cause it shouldn’t affect you that i have something nice to say about another woman! What i don’t like is messy a** hoes! Hint hint biotch! Like i said, Fantasia is the bomb! She’s beautiful, talented AND Highly favored, and your just f**king miserable… get a life! I hope that answered your question! cause i don’t give 2 f**ks about what you think, you’re hired then fired!


  6. Jade

    AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Can’t wait!!!!!


  7. Anthony.

    I don’t care of any negativity that people bring upon her, shes human and she makes mistakes like we all do. Until people sit down and really get to know her, their judgement has no meaning. I for one am very proud of her and I cant wait to buy this album. I know its gonna be hot !!! But its all good, the same dickheads thats talking shit right now are gonna be the same ones on tuning in when the snippets arrive on this website. Just watch :) lol #teamTASIA



    [...] I finally got to write,” she said. “I just wanted so bad to do something like that and I thank the record company, RCA, for allowing me to finally be able to do that on this album.” Share [...]

  9. Phil

    This album is about to change the game. Real Music is BACK!


    Asa Reply:

    @Phil, I’ve seen this about a million different artists I listen to who have released new music within the last 2 years.

    It never left. It never will. You dummies just need to get out more.


  10. ras

    fantasia killing this haters do you girl


  11. Joy

    Love the new record, the girl is doing her hater, come and go praise go up and come down
    no one I said no one without sin, problems and etc that cause any side effect so go get the album and listen to real music. Oh by the way spread the Good News God is Good and His Son Jesus is alive.


  12. Kyle

    “Lose To Win” is an interesting song and I am eager to hear the “rock/soul” sound that she is embracing on the new album. I love all her stuff so I’m sure this album will be no exception to that. I’m excited for this!!!


  13. MusicJunkie

    Imma need this & Keri Hilson’s Album ! Yasss


  14. BackNDaDay90

    Can’t wait! She always stays true to R&B/Soul. She’s one of this generation’s greatest artists and performers.


  15. dumbo

    I will forever be a fan of hers…


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