Rihanna Has Her Cake and Chris Brown at Birthday Bash

Rihanna and Chris Brown

Rihanna had her cake and ate it too. After taking a stroll on the beach with Chris Brown earlier in the day, the birthday girl, who turned 25, celebrated at a private house party in Oahu with her closest friends and family.

She was all smiles as she cuddled up with her boyfriend Breezy. The couple couldn’t keep their hands off each other while posing for a series of Polaroid pics, which she later posted on Instagram. Her BFF Melissa and brother Rorrey Fenty also joined the party.

“#phuckyoballoons ha! My birthday owned hoes,” wrote RiRi, who was presented with a Rasta-colored cake that said “One Love” in honor of her idol Bob Marley, which ended up in her face.

“Put this #cake in ya face! I made him lick all this icing off! Lol” she said.

The wild night ended with her getting lei’d. “Got the #goyard and getting lei’d at the same damn time.”

See more pics from the bad gal’s birthday bash.

Photos via Instagram

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    i must say whatever anybody says she looks very happy


    iBzthuggin' Reply:

    @COCKINESS, I Can’t deny that they look cute & happier together ……
    *we all know how that night ended ……
    chris took it down ……


  2. Wish A Bicth Would

    Looool @ Chris Smelling That Neck


  3. Robynssexslave

    I’m happy for them, they’re not hurting anyone. If you’re bitter, you need some dick or pussy ASAP.


  4. Ethan

    She just doesn’t give a fuck! lol

    and her chris look great together lately


  5. AAA

    So cute


  6. Diego

    Who cares I hate celebrities that stay in the press cause they leak photos she is a raunchy attention island whore point blank period


    rere Reply:

    @Diego, fuck uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu


    cici Reply:

    @Diego, so you mad for no reason..


    B*tches In Paris Reply:

    @cici, I like how you said “WHO CARES” but yet you took time out of your life to COMMENT on something involving Chris & Riri but yet you don’t care ? Hmm interesting logic ..


  7. Mike

    Such a beautiful woman. But she has a foul mouth. Hope history doesn’t repeat itself, though. You get what you ask for.


  8. #RihannaNAVi

    Aww she looks so happy with him :)


  9. DRB

    Thought it was ‘nobody’s business’


  10. susan

    @Rap up, you forgot the photo of CB putting his hand up her dress. She looks so happy.


  11. yourboycelebrity

    Awwww this is cute. Some people wish they had that type of love. Its rare.


    Harry Reply:

    @yourboycelebrity, Yes, bloody, bumpy love is what God intended for us all.


  12. X

    Yeah bîtchanna he is fûcking you and karrueche and you’re still with him what a fûcking dumbass bîtch


    Shayneeee Reply:

    @X, only you and Kareueche still believe Chris is still with her. Let it go. He don’t want that ho!


    meme Reply:

    @Shayneeee, died 10x lmaooo


    merp Reply:

    @meme, lmfao!!!! #dead


  13. And Your Point IS?

    Let em rock out. They look happy, i ain even mad.


  14. nelly

    I’m happy for them wish dem de bst in de wrld


  15. rere

    lmao the picture with chris all on rihanna neck look like chris was in jail it look like a jail picture from 1995 lmaooooo i love them both do what u all feel rihannanavy and teambreezy!


  16. kelly

    They look so happy together, all those bitter haters wish they had love like that… Every time I see these two together I just smile…


  17. GSTAR

    rih’s brotha is so fine……. i wanna do with uhhhhhhh


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  19. PrinceJawsh

    Aww Rihanna looks gorgeous as always!


  20. B*tches In Paris

    I am happy for her . She looks so happy here . Lol @ the bitches on here with their fuckery . Like damn y’all don’t care about Rihanna , but y’all be the first ones to comment on ANYTHING involving Rihanna . Y’ALL A TRIP !


  21. Candy

    Imagine if Chris and Rihanna got married and had a baby!


    Hov Reply:

    @Candy, they will, its inevitable


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  24. british proune uk 2013

    AWW They looks so Cute together & happy Happy late birthday Riri even tho she’s 25 wow


  25. BIRTHDAY BASH ....

    hahah you guys!


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