Chris Brown Cruises Hawaii with Sean Kingston

Chris Brown and Sean Kingston

Life is breezy for Chris Brown. After celebrating Rihanna’s 25th birthday earlier in the week, the R&B superstar continued his vacation in paradise. On Friday, Chris and his pal Sean Kingston rented scooters and drove around the island of Oahu. They appeared to be enjoying themselves, laughing as the paparazzi chased them through the streets.

“Living life. All with positive energy and positive people,” tweeted Kingston, who is gearing up to release a new single, which he produced.

Chris is taking a break from recording the follow-up to 2012’s Fortune. He has been in the studio with hitmakers including Timbaland, Danja, Diplo, and Da Internz, and recently debuted new music with the video for “Home.”

Chris Brown

Sean Kingston and Chris Brown

Chris Brown

Photo credit: Splash News

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  1. Mr.Puke

    Sean! You in trouble gurl!


    Jay-Me Reply:

    @Mr.Puke, I was just thinking that. is he ok?


  2. Kim

    Chris looks so good! looks just like he did in 2008 times


    . Reply:

    @Kim, Except he’s skinny af! Seriously… he looks too bony!


    HabaneroDro Reply:

    @., Cocaine is one hell of a drug


    FlySly Reply:

    @., agreed!


    Fool For You! Reply:

    @FlySly, STFU you ignorant assholes! Just cuz someone is skinny doesn’t mean they are on drugs! Stress can make a person loose a lot of weight. People who are on crack look like death walking, their teeth rot & they look haggard, Chris just looks thin! Not like he’s on his death bed! If you look at pics of Chris when he first came out &
    when he first came out he was much thinner! Chris has always been skinny!


    King Dro Reply:

    @Fool For You!, He’s doing blow. Rihanna’s got the look too but not as bad


  3. arno

    ikr, i like chris’ hair cut…. fresh n clean


  4. kyla

    Nice to see them having fun enjoying their hard earned dawlerz!!!Musta been a memorabke birthday for RihRih!!!


  5. star

    chris looks great


  6. BreezyLover

    Good to see my baby happy.


  7. AAA

    That boi is SKINNY!!!!!, lol but good for him thou


  8. Chris

    I look forward to new music from Chris. I actually liked Fortune and thought it was better than F.A.M.E.


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  10. Ray

    I hate when people, call other people skinny or bony, or even “eat a hamburger” when they don’t know their lifestory, for some people it’s extremely hard to gain weight, and eat all u can but still no weight gain, and i’m a witness to that.


  11. Hov

    chris is slim, not skinny, his upper arms and shoulder are built


  12. Hugh

    Chris has been looking skinny lately.

    He needs to stop eating Rihanna’s p*ssy and pick up a bucket of wings


  13. lou

    This Cb guy, first he was hanging with Akon’s brother Bu everywhere, now it’s Sean jamaican kingston, who is he going to befriend next huh??


    Real Sh!t Reply:

    @lou, he still hangs with Bu. Bu sat behind him at the GRAMMY’S 2013. That’s a fact


    neickha Reply:

    @lou, because that’s his manager….. bu and tina davis are his management


  14. grazelle

    I LOVE YOU CHRIS!!! :*


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