Justin Timberlake Takes Tequila Shots, Plays Mini Golf with Jonathan Ross

Justin Timberlake

Following the Brit Awards and “Wetten, dass..?” Justin Timberlake let loose during his appearance on Britain’s “Jonathan Ross Show.” The “Suit & Tie” singer kicked back on the couch and reminisced about his days in the Mickey Mouse Club with Ryan Gosling and praised his collaborator Jay-Z.

“He’s an anomaly. I mean that in a very positive way,” said Justin of his “Legends of the Summer” tourmate.

The pop superstar also played three holes of miniature golf and toasted with shots of his 901 Tequila.

“To the last ‘Jonathan Ross Show’ ever,” he joked before downing the liquor.

Join J.T. for another round.


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  1. Speechless

    The funniest interview Ive seen in a while.


  2. Will

    That was amazing!!


  3. CaesarLiveNLoud

    haha-. loved this interview. so funny :)


  4. Fake

    it was proabably water in the bottle. fun interview anyway :)


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