New Music: Karmin – ‘Started From the Bottom (Remix)’


Wiz Khalifa, Mike Posner, and Machine Gun Kelly aren’t the only ones flexing their rap skills on the remix to Drake’s “Started From the Bottom.” Karmin’s Amy Heidemann steps to the mic to give the fellas a run for their money.

The fierce femcee busts some boastful bars about landing the cover of Rolling Stone, performing on “SNL” before releasing an album, and getting “pimp slapped by Paul McCartney.”

“I didn’t rap last year, learned it as a fluke/ Check it, all the other labels tried it too/ Signed a couple copycats copying my hairdo,” rhymes Amy. “Stop all the comparing me, no Nicki Minajery/ Let me out the cage so I can fizz ’cause all of feminity is looking for a rapper queen/ Banking on Azealia and Iggy/ Pretty damn amazing what you do to be a star.”

The duo is readying its full-length album for release this year on Epic Records. Check Amy’s flashy flow below.

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  1. georgia23

    I just love these two. Can’t help it. This chick really has the smarts and swagger that makes a great lyricist… Say what you will, this duo is talented.


  2. J. Peezy

    That Rolling Stone comment was fuuunny!


  3. Hate Me

    She done put her left foot in the game now!!


  4. Drea

    Banking on Azealia and Iggy? lol wut.


  5. karminite

    yesss karmin!! slayyy my nigga lol


  6. Ice

    DAMN, they murder anything they cover.


  7. Gaite

    T.I should’ve signed her ass. seriously


    Eliana Reply:

    @Gaite, AGREED!

    I love Iggy but shiet T.I. could have done wonders for Karmin. Keeping my fingers crossed that their LP will be amazing regardless.


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  9. deelee

    this white clown always sounds like she on a kid show. im white. she is embarrassing.


    hyfr Reply:

    @deelee, right? and “where my hard side at”? you can’t find it bc it doesn’t exist girl.


  10. Asa

    Love Karmin.

    Haters gonna hate. They can’t do anything else.


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  12. Nicky

    I love it!My favorite line is that line in which Amy mentions Nicki,Azealia and Iggy!


  13. Righteous

    She’s banking on Iggy cause she peddling the same fake assed shitty lane…her bank gonna get ROBBED.


    Asa Reply:

    @Righteous, Um, that’s not what that line means.

    Everyone wants their favorite to be the one “rapper queen”, and most people are banking that on Iggy or Azealia.

    Since with the females, there can only be one on the top and fans know that. So they want their favorite there, and shit on others.

    Like yourself.


  14. Iconic Iggy

    Lmao so their pop stuff wasn’t going anywhere so now they rap? She’s a joke. “Sign a couple copycats copying my hair do” She must think she’s relevant enough for people to swagger jack lmao.


  15. kase.

    love love love karmin. anybody who finds something negative to say is delusional. lol.


  16. Victor Casares

    Yeah.. Karmin is lame for “dissing” other artists & they’re no different from the rest..
    I hope they fail.


    Asa Reply:

    @Victor Casares, they didn’t diss anyone. Comprehension ftw.


  17. Alyssa

    You quoted the lyrics incorrectly. Amy says “learned it as I flew” not “fluke.” She loves rap; she would never insult it like that. Also, in regards to people thinking she dissed Nicki, Azealia, and Iggy, she didn’t. She simply stated that she is compared to Nicki, and implies that puts her into a box and would be better off seen for who she is. Then, she says that femininity is banking on Azealia and Iggy as rapper queens. She does not say that she is a rapper queen, she does not say that they don’t deserve to be seen that way. Listen what she actually says.


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