Rihanna Obtains Restraining Order Against Home Intruder


Rihanna has obtained a restraining order against a man who tried to break into her house last week.

Steveland Barrow was arrested last Thursday after entering the home of Rihanna’s neighbor in the Pacific Palisades. According to TMZ, Barrow mistakenly took the home for Rihanna’s. He claimed that he was invited in and allegedly stole property and slept in the bed he thought was Rihanna’s.

Following the scary incident, Rihanna is taking measures to protect herself. The judge issued a temporary restraining order, prohibiting Barrow from coming within 100 yards of the pop star.

According to Rihanna’s lawyer, Barrow has been released from custody, but his whereabouts are currently unknown.

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  1. RAH RAH

    Kill him deaddddddd. WE. MUST. PROTECT. QUEEN. ROBYN.


    kiki Reply:

    @RAH RAH, yes


    Meme Reply:

    @RAH RAH, yea kill him right away. We can’t take chances with the queen. This is too scary


    Trace Reply:

    @Meme, There is one queen and her name is Elizabeth.


    StarsAreBlind Reply:

    @Trace, You didn’t take history. Did you?


    Quest Reply:

    @RAH RAH, LMFAO!!!!!





    E53 Reply:



  2. mumi

    What a freak. He should fucking die. Imagine Rih was in that house alone. I don’t want to imagine what would have happened.


  3. Sharlyn

    He slept in her bed? Son…. fuck is wrong with these people?


    Hi Reply:

    @Sharlyn, He slept in her neighbors bed, thinking it was Rihanna’s


  4. the_revial000

    wait he went in someones bed thinking it was rihannas?? thats weird as hell lol hahaaha


  5. jenny

    apparently the stolen property could have been underwear – yuck thats just creepy !!!!!


  6. Mr. Reasonable

    maybe that was the intruders plan…Rihanna has a history of falling in love with persons she places restraining orders against :) lol just kidding


    meme Reply:

    @Mr. Reasonable, she didnt place a restraining order chris tho…the court did. She actually lifted the order. Get outta here


  7. John



  8. Ice

    Sick ass, go find a wife.


  9. Morgan

    LOL, I can’t.


  10. Hov

    or ri could just have chris beat the shit out of him if he comes anywhere close to her


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