Snoop Lion Gets ‘Reincarnated’ with Drake, Chris Brown, & Rita Ora

Snoop Lion

Snoop Lion is setting out on his journey to reincarnation and bringing a few friends along for the ride. The rapper-turned-reggae star has called on Drake, Chris Brown, Rita Ora, and more for his upcoming album Reincarnated.

The reggae and dancehall-influenced album is due April 23 with Diplo and the Major Lazer production team serving as executive producers. It will be available for pre-order on iTunes on April 2.

Reincarnated boasts appearances from Drake, Chris Brown, T.I., Busta Rhymes, Akon, and Rita Ora, as well as dancehall stars Popcaan and Mavado. Tracks include “Lighters Up,” “Here Comes the King,” “La, La, La,” “Ashtrays and Heartbreaks,” “Harder Times,” and “No Guns Allowed,” which is slated to be the next single off Reincarnated. The personal song features Snoop’s daughter, Cori B., and has a hopeful and peaceful message.

“We were searching for true reggae music and the message of peace and hope it reflects,” said Snoop. “It’s so much a part of who I am, and this record is all about paying homage and giving respect to those who created and love reggae music, and hopefully introducing it to a whole new audience. I feel truly honored to make this album and respect to all who blazed the path for me.”

Snoop will also release a companion documentary, which opens in select cities on March 15. Watch the trailer below.

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  1. Zave

    So no Rihanna? The only bitch that can make a Reggae song a hit??


    Rihnaj Reply:

    @Zave, loool ikr!!! But I’m still getting this album!


    Quest Reply:

    @Zave, LMFAO, I am DEAD!!!!!


    LILO Reply:

    @Zave, I was Lowkey thinking that but u said it Wayy better than I ever could


  2. Rihnaj

    Sean paul, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj & Beenie Man shud be on this album tho!!


    Rihnaj Reply:

    @Rihnaj, oh and Tami Chynn


  3. Taj Mahal

    Snoop Lion ft. Chris Brown & Drake “Thrownin Bottles”


    Girl No! Reply:

    @Taj Mahal, Weak.


  4. KimIsTheQueen

    What? How can he not include Rihanna or The Marleys? Not sure how Chris Brown or Drake will give him that “real reggae” sound. I’m anxious to see what Rita can do though.


    Hov Reply:

    @KimIsTheQueen, rita is garbage


    Josh Reply:

    @KimIsTheQueen, Snoop has NOTHING to do with “real reggae”…


    Elvis Reply:

    @KimIsTheQueen, I beg you shutup with that foolishness……How many reggae songs has rih rih done?! I only count one….No Love Allowed…. So how is she perfect for this album?! idiot, Chris has done a couple of tracks in this genre….And either way its just taking solid artists and placing them in a different genre…. it’l be good music


    SOS Reply:

    @KimIsTheQueen, Drake has some reggae in him though; remember Find Your Love?


  5. Sharp Tongue

    Snoop gotta STOP this bullshit.


    God Reply:

    @Sharp Tongue, Why? It has a lot of potential.


  6. toya

    @elvis u obviously know nothing of rihanna she has 7 albums and every one she has at least 3 reggae songs on each album do research before u open your mouth awww u got unapologetic lol that’s one baby six more to go


  7. toya

    @elvis youtube rihanna reggae or dancehall and you will see rihanna is the only mainstream star who does it. And does it well.


    channelPink Reply:

    @toya, Actually Nicki too.


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  10. wayne

    Im interested to hear that snoop and cb song also drizzy


  11. prounkd uk british man & Woman

    nice of snoop dogg style lion


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