JoJo and Leah LaBelle Duet on John Legend Cover

JoJo and Leah LaBelle

JoJo fans have been waiting years for a new album. To thank them for their continued patience, the singer performed a mini-concert from her keyboardist’s living room and broadcast it live online via Stageit.

She gathered her musician friends including Leah LaBelle and Austin Brown and jammed with them during the 50-minute set. Viewers donated money and in exchange they were treated to past and present hits including “Leave (Get Out),” “Disaster,” and “Marvin’s Room,” which JoJo credits for changing the course of her career.

She also threw in a cover of Paula Cole’s “I Don’t Want to Wait” and dueted with her BFF Leah on John Legend’s “Ordinary People” (Part 3).

“While I’ve been in this limbo, your support has literally kept me alive,” a grateful JoJo told her fans before closing with “Too Little, Too Late.” “I can’t wait to explain everything to you. It’s gonna blow your fu**ing mind when you hear what’s going on.”

Catch her full set below.

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  1. Syaheeran

    Love herrrrr :)



    [...] Video of JoJo and Leah LaBelle performing a cover duet of John Legend’s ‘Ordinary People’ RU [...]

  3. Zave

    You know I truly feel bad for this girl. She really should be up there. The music industry should be Jojo, Ciara, Beyonce, Rihanna & Ameriie oh in a perfect world…


  4. Kyle

    At least she is not letting her talent go to waste. Her label situation seriously disgusts me!!! What are they doing to her?


  5. Miguel

    Enjoyed every second of this, tipped her a good amount…to make up for all the leaked songs that have made their way to me. So glad she got a chance to do this and get some money out of it, her label has truly held her back for so long…and I’m pretty sure it has all been for their own selfish reasons, but it seems as though karma is coming back to bite them in the ass.

    The fact that they no longer have an office, and haven’t been active on their Facebook page for 6 months gives me good vibes that things might FINALLY be making a change for JoJo.

    So proud of her, and can’t wait for her to tour later this year. :)


  6. tell'em

    She’s amazing. I hope nothing but the best for her this year. I have “Agape” and Kevin Michael’s “brainwa$h” on heavy rotation, back to back.


  7. whitechocolate

    that white girl just snatched on all of that. what a waste of talent to just let her sit on some boo boo ass label. the younger generation needs to hear what she has to offer. smh


  8. Trick Daddy/ D-Train

    Im in love with JoJo. My realistic celeb crush. everything about her is hottttttt


  9. Asa

    I wish that label would release her and go under already so no other artists get trapped there.


  10. Rachel Q

    LOve Love Love JOJO. They need to quit playing and drop her album. True talent!


  11. Truth uk british Man & Woman

    great of them two girls and Jojo has some Good song


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