Rihanna Graces the Cover of ELLE U.K.


Another day, another cover for Rihanna. After gracing the front of Rolling Stone and Complex in the U.S., the pop starlet continues her domination overseas, appearing on the U.K. cover of ELLE’s April issue.

The fashionista, who launched her own clothing line with River Island last month, sports a pixie haircut as she goes in front of the lens with photographer Mariano Vivanco in Paris.

“It was a bit of ’60s mixed with ’90s,” says RiRi of the styling.

In the issue, she speaks about her relationship with Chris Brown and starting a family. “I will have a child,” she tells the magazine.

Go behind the scenes of her sexy shoot below.

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  1. Still Amazin

    You guys forgot to mention that their is more then one cover for this issue of Elle.


    TIFFANY Reply:

    @Still Amazin, she looks great!!! But I’m not feeling this hair on her, i love her current long hair.


  2. FlySly

    Rihanna is absolutely Gorgeous!!!



    I thought, David Beckham was the only guy to cover ELLE? Damn, this dude is winning!


    #RihannaNavi Reply:

    @#BEENTRILL, …


    who gonna check me boo Reply:

    @#BEENTRILL, you are just lame for no reason! o_O I guess you mad she has stronger features than your dad with his feminine looking self. have a _/ courtesy of the Navy trick…lol


    PrinceJawsh Reply:

    @#BEENTRILL, Rihanna is damn near naked 24/7 you know damn well she ain’t no man.


    Rapture Reply:

    @#BEENTRILL, wait… Lol I didn’t get the shade at first but this is new lol wow haters are finding new things to say lmaoooo


    #BEENTRILL Reply:


    Don’t stutter bi/ch!


  4. D. Kellz

    Now this is a nice photo and outfit of rihanna this is showing her beauty no body shots just a beautiful face and nice outfit with that beautiful face this is her at her best.


  5. PrinceJawsh

    She’s like on every cover this year! #GoRiri





  7. stacey

    Beautiful, she should consider modeling part-time.


  8. ATTENTION BLOGGERS: Grant, Heather, Issa, Deidre, Daniel, Raj, Liam, Yasmine, Morgan, ETC. ARE ALL THE SAME DEPRESSED PERSON.

    That will b some kinda baby. curious to see how thats gonna pan out.


  9. boom boom

    amazing as usual


  10. prounkd uk british man & Woman

    nice cover of elle uk


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