Video: Nelly – ‘Hey Porsche’


Buckle up. Nelly gets behind the wheel in the video for “Hey Porsche,” the first single off his upcoming seventh album M.O. The St. Louis rapper shot the clip in the desert outside of L.A. with director Ethan Lader (Bruno Mars, CeeLo Green). He plays a mechanic working on a classic vintage Porsche, who meets the owner of the shop, a lady of high society. Despite their differences, he’s able to win her over with his charm.

“You have this girl, she’s bad as hell. You have this car and you start to realize they both go together,” explained Nelly. “If you’re lucky enough to have the car and the girl, then you the man.”

The radio-friendly song, which Nelly describes as “a 2013 ‘Ride Wit Me,’” was inspired by his love of cars. “I’m a huge car freak,” he said. “Being from St. Louis, we ride. That’s what we do.”

M.O. will arrive later this year featuring collaborations with Nelly Furtado, Trey Songz, T.I., Akon, and Pitbull, plus production from Pharrell, Rico Love, DJ Frank E, Detail, Da Internz, and Maejor Ali.

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  1. mk

    this video is haaawt! hopes he gets that number one tho.


    CITY Reply:

    @mk, DERRTYMO


    markus Reply:

    i love this sond it is really good i listen to it on uk top 40


  2. Zack

    This gon be number one of Billboard for sure!


  3. Jay

    This song is proof that anything can sell in 2013.


  4. KayeV

    this is some pop shit ! no , no way nelly


  5. mon

    How he’s doing Ashanti I lost soo much respect for him So I will not be supporting him. How could you let Ashanti go like that’s something you don’t do Nellz


  6. Ice

    He called this a 2013 “Ride Wit Me”? That song is a classic, this is forgettable.


  7. me

    Can’t wait for this album to drop!


  8. D. Kellz

    Yeah I agree with some comments I remember when Nelly was coming out with cool hits but now all the pop records especially when it comes to a rapper is not that cool. Very few can pull off that kind of song and I mean very few and usually those few are wack. Nelly this is not what made you, please go back to country grammar and bring that kind of St. Louis swag back. This right here not your style drop the pop songs please.


  9. Trey

    This some bullshit….-_-


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  11. Brandon

    This is a great radio song with very catchy verses! Deserves to go #1. I get that it’s pop and not nelly’s usual forte but so he tried something new? No need to hate, especially when it’s a good track!


    tori Reply:

    @Brandon, i agree with you because he has comeback with 5.0 (no singing no r&B) and then drops this single.its catchy its new and its from one of the most talented rappers out there. nelly’s music is not as so much alike as most rap. i grew up with his old stuff,eminem,tupac i grew up with r&b his combination and talent will keep him going :)


  12. Dee Eugene

    Nelly has always had a little bit of pop in his music. Dilemma, Over and Over, Body on Me, etc. Besides, this song is addictive.


    Whatcha_Sayin Reply:

    @Dee Eugene, Over and Over was leaning towards country and as a non-American, I hated it. The other 2 aren’t pop. They’re R&B and are actually good. Even Just a Dream has pop elements and that’s a good song. This is just dire!


    markus Reply:

    why are you saying that it is really good


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  14. tori

    i have to say this song is hot as hell i know its gonna be on the top billboard(praying for number one) because he has so much talent and it truly shows here,he can still rap what do you know? the man can sorry to anyone that feels hes sold out but he’s gonna be around for forever and day like eminem.


  15. ST.Moe

    way better than move that body


  16. GucciGirl

    Florida number 2, i don’t like it at all !

    Some good songs i like : Hot in here, play it off, flap your wings…


  17. Truth uk british Man & Woman

    nice song


  18. markus

    @tori, cool


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  20. porsha

    I love this song my name it porsha too!!!!!


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