Video: Sabrina Antoinette – ‘I Know You’re Out There’

Sabrina Antoinette

Chris Brown has introduced us to Sevyn Streeter, U.G.L.Y., and now he turns the spotlight on pop-rock singer Sabrina Antoinette. The Texas native, who is signed to Chris Brown Entertainment (CBE), searches for love in the video for her debut single “I Know You’re Out There.” The clip features a cameo from her boss Breezy, who gets up close with Sabrina on the beach.

Sabrina is working on her debut for release independently on CBE. She can also be heard on “Trumpet Lights” off Chris’ 2012 album Fortune.

[MTV Buzzworthy]

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  1. CV2012

    everybody and they mama shoot videos over there in la by the bridge.


    bEEzy69 Reply:

    @CV2012, Lol


  2. Dee

    I really luv this song and the tone of her voice.


  3. bEEzy69

    It was just fine up until that electro beat started.


  4. neickha

    nice I like it.


  5. CBE

    Miss Antoinette :) everybody will get a chance to shine.


  6. Kevin

    she is vocally similar to cher lloyd. nice catchy dance-pop song for the summer. interested in hearing more from this up and comer.


  7. Jason

    Love this song.


  8. SophieRihCB

    Can’t watch from Canada why is that?


  9. Arie

    CBE is growing, I listen to the song but I’ve seen great riviews about it on twitter.


  10. TurboOzone

    Congrats Sabrina, you are beautiful and talented. Love from the UK.


  11. Kenia

    Love her voice and the video


  12. LadyEBO

    I love CB so I will support n e thing he’s involved in,However, I did start losing focus during the song until the hook n beat dropped (dance beat). To me, this song is nice but not great, her vc is smooth but as of now, it’s not like I HAVE to buy her album. I think need to hear more range in her vc. Ill give her time. I’m sure she’ll wow me (I hope)


  13. Truth uk britishoman

    nice voice of the song but not too many people may know who she is & there are some ppl may know who she is


  14. octavia

    She has a beautiful voice. I can see her going further. This song I can see on a Dance game and played a lot in Techno clubs. I feel like she can have a hit song with her voice. Loved the cameo from CB with his sexy self. : ) But great job CB on expanding with your artists and yourself. Hardworker and dedicated!!!!!!


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