New Music: M.I.A. – ‘Matangi Mix for Kenzo’


M.I.A. brings the noise with her Matangi mix. The project, a collaboration with fashion house Kenzo, serves as a prequel to her upcoming fourth album of the same name. Over an eight-and-a-half-minute track, the Sri Lankan powerhouse cooks up a cacophony of sounds including tribal rhythms, heavy drums, and Hindi chants. Her vocals aren’t heard until five minutes in.

“I’m thankful for my hands ’cause it’s a good thrower/ I’m thankful for my body ’cause it’s a fu**ing banger/ I’m thankful for my mouth ’cause it’s a real screamer/ But most of all, I’m thankful for…my power!” she declares.

M.I.A. has recorded “seven incredible records” for Matangi with Hit-Boy. “She’s really creative,” said the “Ni**as in Paris” producer. “She’s doing exactly what comes to her. That’s why we were able to crank out that many songs.”

Blast off with her sonic explosion.

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  1. mumi

    Can’t wait for Matangi to drop!


  2. thechutzpah

    go matangi!!!!!!!


  3. Kevin

    OMFG the Indian beats and instruments were dope as hell felt like dancing. The song with her vocals at the end was hot her rap was on fire. Can’t wait to buy/listen to Matangi on April 15th. Hit-Boy is gonna have her on some hot beats.


  4. HAV



  5. Sunny

    DAMN, I love having a South Asian represent some hard music in pop culture. She sampled a bunch of famous Bollywood and South Indian songs I grew up on! She’s so flyyyyy.


  6. Ice

    Holy crap, this is beyond FIRE. That rap at 6:17 >>>.


  7. slayed

    MIA`s been changing the game since the day 1


  8. @xTahji

    RAWR! Love her xo


  9. Azula

    Good shit. Indian music and hip-hop sound amazing together. Can’t wait for the album, Bad Girls was one of the best hip hop tracks of 2012.


  10. Adams

    Its not hindi beats. Its Tamil, her mother tongue


  11. Truth uk britishoman

    dope beat instrumental can’t wait for the video to drop


  12. Logos

    God Dam this is a trip.


  13. Mixster

    OMG some dope shit right here. Love it… buzzin to this mix. M.I.A goes ham. Can’t wait for the album.


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