New Music: Jaden Smith – ‘MSFTS Anthem 2′

Jaden Smith

“MSFTS run the city!” proclaims Jaden Smith on “MSFTS Anthem 2,” produced by The Movement. The 14-year-old rapper-actor, who just performed at BET’s “Rip the Runway,” reps for his clique and boasts about his jet-setting lifestyle on the flashy anthem.

“Forget them record deals/ I done made enough from this movie stuff to pay for all of our meals,” raps the “Karate Kid” star.

The original “MSFTS Anthem” appears on Jaden’s debut mixtape The Cool Cafe.

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  1. coco

    Will and Jada need to get their children. Why is Jaden in London with that little Kardashian sister? On top of that… this 14 year old is rapping about his lavish items. Real classy. Also, Willow is running around like a 11 year old dyke


    Coolah Reply:

    @coco, ur a lame…thats how you talk about kids??? u weak af


    Coco K. Reply:

    @coco, I AGREEEE!!


    Hackney Reply:

    @coco, thats a lot of hate coco. They are rich what do you want them to do hide it


  2. valerie

    uhmm okay…


  3. SupremeBitch

    I love this kid….He was reportedly trying to get in a UK nghtclub with Beiber, so a little parental control may be needed..but they are truly talented kids, his mixtape Cool Cafe, is great, different style and he’s consistent. MSFTS


  4. Robb9

    Gave his mixtape a chance. and he actually alot of dope songs. Good shit Will jr.


  5. Truth uk britishoman

    he got some nice songs but guess him & his lil siter is home school instead of being in a real school like other kids are/is @ least to get their grade right. he should do rap music when he get older instead of @ 14 yr old


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