Video: Fantasia – ‘Lose to Win’


Fantasia pours her heart out in the 1920s-inspired video for “Lose to Win.” While tears stream down her face, a glamorous ‘Tasia reflects on a relationship gone bad. Her man is seen cheating on her and verbally abusing her, as the screen flashes back to happier times. But when he tries to win her back, she musters up the strength to leave him.

Fantasia’s fourth album, Side Effects of You, is due April 23 featuring contributions from Harmony Samuels, Andrea Martin, Emeli Sandé, and Courtney Harrell, plus collaborations with Missy Elliott and Kelly Rowland.

Side Effects of You reflects a body of work that I call ‘Rock Soul,’ where I’m exploring a new and refreshing sound that reflects my vocal versatility and appreciation for international appeal,” said Fantasia. “I wrote a great deal of the new songs alongside some great producers and songwriters and 19/RCA has allowed me to artistically express myself the way I’ve wanted to for years. I hope everyone will enjoy this project and experience the ROCK SOUL NATION AND JOIN THE MOVEMENT!”

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  1. Miss G

    Love love love this video!!!!!!! I miss seeing her its nice the see her coming back


  2. tad

    Wow…. Thats a great video!!


  3. NOboo

    Wonderful video and great TALENT. Sure wish the 90′s era and style of music would HURRY and return. Thanks to Beyonce and others that’s on their way with that 90′s sound.


  4. mon88

    She looks Great!


  5. whitney

    yes tasia you slayed that video you are gorgeous and so fly fantasia is about to become so much bigger. fantasia is a star no questions asked


  6. tass

    fantasia did that man very hot its a rock soul movement


  7. MusicJunkie

    I love this girl . Talented


  8. poe

    Yeees Ive been waitin for this!!!


  9. Girl.....

    I love this song and video but they know they were wrong for putting Fantasia big ass in that lingerie..I’m rooting for her.


  10. Sassyandclassy

    Glad you are back


  11. Woosah

    LOVE THIS SONG & SHE SLAYED THE VIDEO. Sad that this song probably won’t do well.


    parkerj Reply:

    @Woosah, The song is doing pretty well without promotion. #38 on R&b Top 10 on Adult r&B, and that was without a video/performance.


  12. dope

    This is good


  13. Antoni DeJoyce

    I loved it :)


  14. Jhenya(from Russia,Moscow)

    I listen to this song several times a day and more and more it is pleasant to me!


  15. Blues n Soul

    It has a very pleasant yet powerful sound. I like the rock and soul mix


  16. Antonio

    I fucking love Fantasia and I’m glad she’s experimenting with new writers, producers and a completely new sound. There aren’t that many rock soul artists out anymore. Prince and Tina Turner pioneered that genre and I’m glad she’s following the footsteps of the artists who paved the way for her. Imho, Fantasia’s music is more similar to Tina’s than Beyonce and more to Aretha’s than MJB’s. I hope she promotes this album very well and it sells well


  17. Truth uk britishoman

    wonderful song and Music video


  18. NYDIVA

    …”and the next man is out there, but you won’t dare, cause you don’t care, have you ever…”
    This song to so amazing on so many level. Good work Fantasia!


  19. 3kids&me

    Fantasia all of ur music helped me deal with different situations. But whn I herd lose to win it brought tears to my eyes. With situations that occur in everyday life u were able 2 bounce bk & become that role model that so many of ur fans look up 2. U give many young women hope. Nt 2 give up, it’s nt over. Let’s get it Rock soul!!!!!! Love it***


  20. simone

    This video is Fantasia best. I Love the song and I am glad she came back. I hope she learns to manage her future much better and spend her money wisely. Do not buy a house unless you can pay it all off up front. Pretend like you are the queen and only keep the best men. Do not take a man who will use you because he has good looks. Remember that you were a single mother and most of the men were no good. You must be strong and do not let anyone use you. Fantasia baby father is a loser because he lost out on a rich and famous woman. Hope this remind loser men to always be there for their baby mothers.


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