Video: Rick Ross – ‘Ashamed’

Rick Ross

Started from the bottom, now he’s here. Rick Ross makes no apologies for his lavish lifestyle in the flashy video for “Ashamed” off his 2012 album God Forgives, I Don’t. A fur-clad Rozay plays with a lynx cat and chills poolside with a bikini-clad babe in his million-dollar mansion as he reflects on his come-up.

“Until then, I’ma be a D-boy, I’m ashamed to say,” raps the Bawse, whose new album Mastermind is due this year.

Revel in Rozay’s riches.

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    ARRGHHH, STILL no ‘Ice Cold (Feat. Maybach O) Video *shakes head*


  2. Stoner_Guy

    I’m sure Peta will have something to say about this video with the fur coats and beautiful yet illegal to own wild cats!


  3. hood

    he know damn well that wasnt him holding that cat.that nigga looked skinny as hell


  4. Truth uk britishoman

    haha it looks like a damn joke Haha HAhaha Lmfao


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