Video: Shystie f/ Azealia Banks – ‘Control It’

Azealia Banks and Shystie

Azealia Banks enlisted Shystie for her mixtape Fantasea, and now the Harlem rapper returns the favor, guesting on Shystie’s single “Control It.” The fierce femcees wield their power in the sexually-domineering clip, walking men on leashes and strutting for the camera in their designer threads.

“[Azealia] reached out to me via Twitter first and then asked me to [be] featured on this dope track called ‘Neptune’ from her Fantasea mixtape,” the 27-year-old British MC told Billboard. “Since then, we’ve hung out in New York when I was modelling for NYFW and when she was in London on tour.”

The Oliver Whitehouse-directed clip was inspired by Missy Elliott and Hype Williams. “[Their] videos taught me to not be afraid and try new things,” said Shystie. “I’m [currently] unsigned so the video was funded by [solely] my management team, Star Work Management. The finance and vision come from ourselves. It’s something I’m very proud of.”

Shystie is readying her EP, Pink Mist, for release on April 28.

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  1. Azealia

    Like omggg first comment


    mumi Reply:

    @Azealia, you hoe is not azealia.


    NOboo Reply:

    @Azealia, Azealia is talented but she’s created a techno lane that I’m not feeling. She’s making music only to sell records. Oh well. Waits for the original hip hop sound.


    youuMADtho? Reply:

    @NOboo, YESSSSSSSSS!!! i agree with you.


    Truthis Reply:

    @NOboo, i don’t think she’s making music to sell music… i think that she’s making music to express herself and stand out from the basic hip hop you hear now and days, its called creativity with a side of originality


  2. vmili

    I’ve heard this song many times but i don’t remember it sounding like this,
    The production is good, I loved Shysite’s verse but when Azealia Banks opened her mouth, she brought me to new heights ;D love


  3. maz

    shystie is soo old school loool


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  5. BAY

    #GARBAGE azeriliea is pure garbage her music is as ugly as her looks lol #FAIL


  6. Jay-Me

    Azealia’s verse sounds ok but I couldn’t hear most of it. Dodgy production there.


  7. deelee

    azealia!!!!! yes baby!


  8. kate



  9. A Bad Bitch

    The video is not working :( It says “This video is private”.Right now i’m crying!


  10. NickiLyrics

    Who is this New rap bitch? Is it Nic or did she put these rap bitches on the map again? Well I’m not going to say anything about the new bitch. But Azealia is wack, sellout, & liar.

    & when her album gone drop? Bitches never could say.


    A Bad Bitch Reply:

    MinajRules2012 you suck!You have nothing else to do but to come on Azealia Banks posts and hate on her!You need to die!


  11. Righteous

    She’s right that the video is tragic…..bad lighting ,styling,editing,performance…..theme…….you name it. So I can understand her wanting it pulled. However … ‘s hypocritical after the Baauer incident. Her reputation IS shit in the industry….which is unfortunate….because the constant shit she pulls is gonna close doors on her. The Shystie track isn’t gonna be a hit anyway…..she should let it slide …it’ll sink fast.She really needs to edit her beefs.


  12. Truth uk britishoman

    who are the other girl that w/azealia banks? Never heard of her before and this video is pravite


    Righteous Reply:

    @Truth uk britishoman, shystie did an answer to Dizzee Rascal’s I Luv U in 2003…..great answer record….probably on YouTube….somewhere .(uk artist)


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