Lil Wayne Thanks Kanye West for ‘Ultimate Compliment’

Kanye West and Lil Wayne

Kanye West bestowed the highest praise upon Lil Wayne when he declared him the best rapper in the world, and now Weezy is returning the compliment.

During an interview with DJ Enuff on “The Angie Martinez Show,” Kanye hailed the Young Money boss. “I think that [Lil] Wayne is the number one rapper in the world,” proclaimed the G.O.O.D. Music chief.

Moments later, a humbled Weezy took to Twitter to respond with some flattering words of his own. “That’s the ultimate compliment coming from a humble,great,extremely creative,& superior genius…I appreciate that Yeezy!” he tweeted.

Kanye and his creative team DONDA designed the artwork for Wayne’s upcoming album I Am Not a Human Being II. Due March 26, the project features appearances from Nicki Minaj, Big Sean, Drake, Future, 2 Chainz, Juicy J, Gunplay, and more.

Meanwhile, Wayne has postponed his European arena tour until October in order to promote the album. Mac Miller will still join him on the road, but 2 Chainz has pulled out due to a scheduling conflict.

“I am rescheduling to my European tour in order to release my album, I Am Not A Human Being II, worldwide on March 26th,” said Wayne in a statement. “I didn’t want my tour or album to be rushed, so despite my best hopes, I have made the decision to push back the tour to October 2013.”

New dates can be found on

Lil Wayne Tweet

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  1. @IamMrHAndsome

    ni888a bye!


    TIFFANY Reply:

    @@IamMrHAndsome, gurl bye!


    Kurt Reply:

    Kanye? Is you on fucking drugs?


  2. jj from good times

    Did this nyguh just HUMBLE?????


  3. ♦CorCor♦

    I like Wayne but he aint no dam number 1 MC…All he raps about is pussy and weed…if that’s the fkin case all of us can be number 1 MC’s!


    Hov Reply:

    @♦CorCor♦, you are ignorant, opinion invalid


    Trey Reply:

    @Hov, Change yo’ name from ‘Hov’ because you stupid. Jay-Z will never co-sign this bullshit opinion from Kanye. Jay-Z is the best MC in the world, fuck Kanye’s opinion.


    Sebastian Reply:

    @Hov, It’s the truth, dumbass.


    T Reply:

    @♦CorCor♦, That’s the *majority* of what he raps about. It’s not all. Hip Hop isn’t just subject matter/substance or lack their off. It’s an art form that still heavily relies on technique, and skill. His discography has ALOOOTTTT of bs but a lot of gems in there. Kanyes whole point was on a bar for bar bases and taking an artists discography into account.

    Y’all have let this “Real Hip Hop” agenda fool some of y’all as to the actual roots of the music. It wasn’t always substance. Hip Hop didn’t start with Tupac or Kurtis Blow. It goes waaayyy back.


  4. Brionna

    That was a great compliment undeserving but great





    Monkeyman Reply:



  6. Rich

    Was Yeezy just being sarcastic?


  7. Miles

    The MTv list was “hottest rappers in the game” not “Best Rappers in the Game”. Lil Wayne probably is like top 5 hottest rappers of all time


  8. Naiheem

    I think yeezy was smoking crack or some shit. I sense sarcasm


  9. Dante

    if yeezy thinks that Wayne should be number 1….. then he definitely shouldnt be ranting about himself being number 7


  10. Coolah

    LMAO…that had to be a business move statement


  11. Jessica

    Kanye only said that because he designed Wayne’s cover art for his new album.

    Remember a couple of years ago Yeezy said Nicki Minaj was the best rapper of all time.

    Yeezy done lost it.


  12. boom boom

    No, No, No
    Mr West was on crack when he said that shit.


  13. GSTAR

    hahaha fooool! yeezy just said that cuz they designed waynes album…. lol he got money out of ycmb!


    Mrunhateable Reply:

    @GSTAR, ymcmb got plenty of money to go around. I love Kanye and wayne. Wayne is a great rapper, unfortunately he got abit over exposed


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  15. Hov

    i bet 99% of people that say wayne sucks havent heard any of his 3000+ unreleased songs on the internet in which we the fans praise him off, do some research you lames there’s more to wayne than lollipop and how to love ROFL


    Wole Reply:

    @Hov, you are such a waste like weezy


    raines Reply:

    @Wole, Hov is right man… And if you are the best, you’re always gonna get some jealous haterz, like you. So STFU and go fuck yourself!! Weezy number 1 for sure!


  16. TRA

    Yeezy must be smoking the best crack, or doing the best cocaine to give Lil Wayne too much of a compliment.


  17. Genesis

    sooo sad! I was soo excited to see 2Chainz on March 27 @ Amsterdam mann! but still cant wait to see Weezy in October!


  18. Thor

    You guys should go fuck yourselves! Wayne is wack! Only rapping about booty,pussy and weed! He lacks sense and sensibility. Eminems’ got the real thing!!


  19. mahid

    nope just no nas should be mentioned instead of gay weezy eminems always #1 but there are so many underrated lyricists in Hip-Hop that need recognition especially the slaughterhouse members


  20. Dawn

    Stop fighting over my boys lol


  21. Sheed

    I think was better long ago after carter 3 he feel off..this whole ymcbumble bee thng basically…mixtape wayne was an animal…not todays make no sense lyrics wayne


  22. Truth uk britishoman

    he be alright


  23. Happy

    I can’t knock it! Wayne is a great rapper but not a great MC. I can dig his style. Wayne just need to now become an MC. Create stories about life, social issues, poverty and he can go down as one of the greatest to do it! You just can’t make shake your butt music and say you are the greatest! The greatest of what more shake your butt music than any other rap artists! I am sorry but no one is studying little Wayne’s lyrical content in colleges! His rhymes right now are grade school lyrics. Get your money though bro because I am not at up!


  24. Robert wayne

    All these stupid,foolish and dumbz ass haterz of wayne apparently does not listen to wayne like i do,if they do,they wouldnt be on here saying stuff they dont know,nigga wayne is the best mehn!ya’ll jus hatin coz rappers you believe in dont shine and rap like he does,if you hatin on wayne you jus need to suck my butthole stupid.


  25. Vagner

    Hov I accept with U. Many of dis jar headed dudes here are all nimrod who sleep bck at home and listen тσ diluted musik nd bust out тσ say some shit. The really need тσ do some research.. If you so broke and U cnt afford connection, U can always ask for my help instate of coming U with ur dumps brock talk about who is nt 1 I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ rap shit..wen the most decorated rapper I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ the game kanye west say your good, then who will say your bad.? Is it some bench sided music listeners lyk U stupid shit here will say he’s not gud.. Some niggas need тσ quit listening тσ rap and go for some country side music dump ass


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