Video: T.I. – ‘Addresses’ [Trailer]


T.I. brings the action in the short film for “Addresses,” a cut off his latest album Trouble Man: Heavy Is the Head. Shots ring out in the intense trailer, which features guns, strippers, and a tough Tip, who is on a deadly mission. Watch the drama unfold in the Clifton Bell-directed clip.

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  1. rolldemdice

    Tip doing his thing


  2. Natalie

    He really needs to sit down because he starting to mess up his career with these wack songs. And isn’t he suppose to be a family man now? GROW UP I mean Jay-z isn’t even rapping about this type of stuff anymore.


    Coolah Reply:

    @Natalie, stfu b*tch. this is hip-hop and you talking about a Legend. He can do what the f*ck he wants.


    Zach Reply:

    @Coolah, Is that you, T.I.?


    C94B Reply:


    You a fool. At 32, Jay-Z was feuding with Nas or Prodigy & had The Blueprint out. But this is not comparable. Tip reached his peak years ago, at barely 25-26. He does what needs to be done to stay relevant in Hip-Hop. Fans don’t like what he does ? He only caters to them. This is a vicious circle.


    Chris Reply:

    @Natalie, T.i. Just loves the haters


    iloveee__ Reply:

    @Natalie, I mean when a drug dealer is out on the streets he acts thuggish and when he’s home with his lady and kids he acts differently. What u expect TIP to do act thuggish around his kids ? Naw
    This short film is actually giving him practice when it comes to directing video && movie …. also he’s developing acting skills


  3. g

    at 32 jay-z was doing the same thing lol probably worse


  4. Coolah

    King Sh*T


  5. LouisDaKing



  6. Truth uk britishoman

    Great to see him doing more acting


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