Alicia Keys Burns Bright at ‘Set the World on Fire’ Tour Launch

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys burned up the stage last night during the kickoff to her “Set the World on Fire” tour at WaMu Theater in Seattle. The Grammy-winning songstress pulled out all the stops, showcasing her hits with a high-production set that included dancing, lights, and wardrobe changes.

Following Miguel’s opening act, Alicia took the stage to perform new and old material. She banged on the drums during the title track, played the piano for the Emeli Sandé-penned ballad “Not Even the King,” and took it back with her debut single “Fallin’.”

Her husband Swizz Beatz and son Egypt also joined her on the first tour stop. The two-year-old had his own play area set up backstage.

The 24-city North American trek makes its way across the U.S. through April 18 before traveling to Europe in May.

Check out some live video and rehearsal footage below.

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  1. brit

    Shes Not Beyonce…so no one cares.


    musiclover4life Reply:

    @brit, They are totally two different people composing mainly two different types of music! If you were a fan of either you’d actually respect the fact that they don’t compare to be the same & that the music world was bless with both artist! Stop hating please.


    lol Reply:

    @brit,u sound like a fool! Alicia is global just like Beyonce do ur homework.


    karen Reply:

    @brit, You would definitely be wrong about that statement. Lol Not everyone thinks Beyonce is the Queen and only great singer there is.

    As for this show, it looked like a great beginning to the tour. I hope she continues to shine and I say more power to her.


    B Reply:

    @brit, That’s funny because Beyonce’s last era never spawned a WW hit like Girl on Fire which has almost sold 5 million copies. Every single she released struggled to hit the 1 million mark. You tried though.


  2. musiclover4life

    She sounded wonderful! I already got my tickets for Atlanta! Can’t wait to hear the voice for myself…#AKFAM


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  4. Pereezy,YMCMB. Rich Gang:Flashy LifeStyle May 21th

    I mean! Who tha F**k Cares about Alicia??
    Let’s be Real, She ain’t goin’ to be Mega Star like Queen Bey or Princess Rih.

    Soo Alicia, Keep tryin’ hard maybe one day, you’ll be signing deal with Pepsi, Oh wait it will never happen.


    fail Reply:

    @Pereezy,YMCMB. Rich Gang:Flashy LifeStyle May 21th, Moron. She used to be HUGE, but she took too much of a long break between her last album. Beyonce sells sex, and almost pop music at times, and she hardly ever writes her own material. Rihanna is sex, is usually only pop, and has only co-written one of her 12 number 1 songs, lol. Alicia has had a career of over 10 years by never selling sex, releasing real and true R&B music, and writes or co-writes all of her music.


  5. RespectMe

    Brit/Peresszy (same person)
    Why must you knock one to bring another up? Not only did you respond but you were the first one. So obviously YOU care. And being that Alicia is a world wide RESPECTED star with a catalog of hits and multiplatinum albums, many others care too. Beyonce, Rihanna and Alicia are all stars in their won right.

    Yes, you tried it but you picked the wrong artist and the joke was left on you.


  6. Jormarcus

    This lady my fav #1 fan 12 years none stop have keep giving us her all love all of it ….. Fire she make n keep making. Love u keys Hottest in the game … Keep burning baby


  7. Felix

    Why are people comparing Beyonce and Alicia? I swear the more I listen to people the more I realize how ignorant they sound. Alicia Keys is the real deal. Classically trained pianist who plays instruments while composing her own music. She is the only female artist to have 5 consecutive #1 albums. Do your homework bitches and maybe you’ll learn something. Appreciate real taken and soul when in front of you. Alicia doesn’t have to show her body to sell music boo. She is global phenomenon.


  8. Felix

    You sound like a stupid fool. Alicia Keys doesnt need flash pots and other pyrotechnics to showcase her talent. sure, she might not dance like Beyonce, but she doesn’t need that to sell millions of albums. stupid ass.
    Instead of criticizing others get an education cuz you sound like a stupid idiot.


  9. deeJay

    I can’t wait to see this show overseas. I really don’t go to Americans shows.


  10. BEYHIVE2013

    Love Alicia! I am counting down the days until I see her live with MIGUEL:D


  11. Linda

    Friggen excited to see her in April! #AKFAM


  12. Kelvin

    I love Alicia, Alicia is her own artist , no need to compare fools,


  13. Kelvin

    I want to go to a concert in nyc


  14. Jay

    Alicia is so amazing!!! Not Even the King is so freakin beautiful!!!! :)


  15. GSTAR

    nobody’s stopping alicia! pure talent. & NO! dont compare it to Bey… cuz she only got millions and cant spend it make a hit! alicia can make real music anytime of the day. remember that!


  16. Destiny

    Beyonce and Alicia Keys are both good. End of discussion.


  17. DJ

    Yesss I can’t wait to see her next month in the D!!


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