New Music: Karmin – ‘Karate Chop/Sweet Dreams’


Fresh off their remix to Drake’s “Started From the Bottom,” Karmin gets its hands on their Epic labelmate Future’s single “Karate Chop,” mixing it with the Eurythmics’ “Sweet Dreams.” Rapping frontwoman Amy tears up the track with some in-your-face rhymes about Charlie Sheen, Diddy, and her Midwest roots.

“I’m a farm girl hailing from the Midwest/ Ate a lot of corn, dreaming of my success/ Thrift shopping, rap tapes, and a Casio/ Mixed my Dr. Dre with Marilyn Monroe,” she spits.

Listen to the second release in the duo’s Karmin Manic Mondays series.

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    Actual talent here, love this hoe


  2. vmili

    “Still i’m catching shade standing in the sun” love it lol


  3. Righteous

    Fcuk off…..


    Righteous Reply:

    @Righteous,….. Scratchet!


  4. Mat

    YAS for Amy having that pause-ish rap rhythm. Rih and Nicki vibes(Pour It Up and I Endorse These Strippers). Nick done an extraordinary job, the sound is out of HERE.


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  6. Ice



  7. FlySly

    love this woman so much!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. And Your Point IS?

    This shit is fire. That harmony in the beginning thouggggh…had to rewind itttttt!


  9. Asa

    Love Karmin so much. They are just, ugg, so lovable.


  10. Patroni0

    holy shit she goes in lol


  11. Alexxxx

    Love this! Hope they make songs like this for the album♥


  12. Daniel

    So good – harmony esp and how you managed to rap while still showing you could sing! Got some original acoustic stuff if you are interested in branching out ;)


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