Miguel to Perform on ‘Saturday Night Live’


Justin Timberlake wowed with his performance on “SNL” and now another crooner is headed to 30 Rock. Miguel will perform for the first time on the late-night show next month.

The Grammy-winning singer will serve as musical guest on the April 13 episode of “SNL,” with host Vince Vaughn.

“SNL” made the official announcement today. “Excited to say #VinceVaughn is returning to host #SNL with first-time musical guest, @MiguelUnlimited on April 13th!!” tweeted NBC.

It’s unknown what exactly he will perform, but he is promoting his latest single “How Many Drinks?” off his critically-acclaimed sophomore album Kaleidoscope Dream.

Miguel is currently opening for Alicia Keys on her “Set the World on Fire” tour, which wraps its U.S. leg in April before traveling overseas.

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  1. Slick Rick

    let’s hope he sticks to the original solo version of Adorn and not that horrible remix


    TIFFANY Reply:

    @Slick Rick, Does Miguel wear a little weave on top?


    joe_somo Reply:

    @TIFFANY, No… i’ve seen him sweat it out


  2. Jay

    No way!! Go Miguel!!! :)


  3. Ursula

    He’ll be better than Justin. Guaranteed.It’s like comparing a Ferrari with a Fiat. Why have the substitute when you can have the real thing?


    TIFFANY Reply:

    @Ursula, Gurl bye


    Ursula Reply:

    @TIFFANY, Where you going gurl? Well hope you make it there. See ya!


    Peter Reply:

    @Ursula, Do you never get tired of hating? Pathetic.


    Ethan Reply:

    @Ursula, If Timberlake were so irrelevant to you, you’d definitely not be spamming Miguel’s boards talking about him.


    Mike Reply:

    @Ursula, If you wanna talk about Justin, go on a Justin post. You’re detracting from Miguel. And I think you’re the only person who reads the name of one and compares him to the other. They’re nothing alike.


    Cali_girl. Reply:

    @Mike, idk but the first two words of the article are justin timberake. maybe thats where they got that from.


  4. Kyle

    Awesome news, congrats Miguel!!!!


  5. Speechless

    It just keeps getting better and better!


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  7. vps

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  8. Rayna

    I’m looking forward to see what songs Miguel chooses to perform on SNL on April 13. He’s one of my favorite artists so I won’t be missing this episode; I also look forward to Vince Vaughn as a host. I’m always at work at DISH when this is on so I record it on my DVR. I’ve been recording the whole season on my DISH Hopper and I still have room for more seasons because this can record and store up to 2,000 ours of entertainment. With this I can save my favorite episodes and not have to delete anything to make room.


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