Video: Chief Keef – ‘Now It’s Over’

Bang Pt. 2

With just hours to go until he is released from juvenile detention, Chief Keef celebrates his homecoming by dropping the video for “Now It’s Over” off his upcoming mixtape Bang Pt. 2. The Chicago teen sports a fur-collared jacket while rapping about money, cars, and hos on a staircase in a suburban house.

Someone in his camp sent out a tweet earlier today to announce his return. “He is on his way bk. We about 2 turn up,” read the message.

Chief Keef had been serving a two-month sentence for violating his probation and holding a rifle at a shooting range in an online video.

Get the welcome back party started.

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  1. DHIY

    just don’t cry haha fake ass nigga


    This dick Reply:

    @DHIY, You sound like a hater


  2. toast2themosthigh

    is it over?!…are you done?! *voice goes up like 10 octaves*


  3. listen

    his music is pure bull. just more evidence that these labels just want to push this ignorant music to black youth so they’ll aspire to be like these wack rappers, drug dealers, deadbeats, etc.


    Seldom Seen Reply:

    @listen, True Speech!!!


    BigMoneyZaza Reply:

    @listen, you a hater you just dont understand real …


  4. BigMoneyZaza

    yall haters my nigga real , yall just dont understand real …. hatin asses


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