New Music: Lupe Fiasco – ‘Jonylah Forever’

Lupe Fiasco

Lupe Fiasco turns his pain into art on “Jonylah Forever.” He dedicates the somber song to the memory of 6-month-old Johnylah Watkins, who was killed after a gunman opened fire on her and her father in Chicago.

“She lives as long as we do. She will live forever. God bless your soul and the family you left behind. We Love You,” said the Chicago rapper, who is working on his new album Tetsuo & Youth.

Lupe asked fans to reserve judgement. “Not a song but a life. Be respectful Please keep negative comments to yourself.”

Hear his touching tribute below.

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  1. No Name

    The lyrics tell of an alternate reality in which jonylah survives. If only this were real. Jonylah forever.


  2. X

    Lupe is always great


  3. Daa



  4. mumi

    This is just amazing. R.I.P


  5. ML

    This is very touching…


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