New Music: f/ Justin Bieber – ‘#thatPOWER’

#thatPOWER topped the charts with Britney Spears (“Scream & Shout”), and now he’s calling on another pop megastar for his next hit. The Black Eyed Peas frontman, who turns 38 today, joins forces with Justin Bieber for “#thatPOWER.”

The dance floor-ready record kicks off with a sample of Daft Punk’s “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” before the Canadian star comes alive on the hook.

The two recorded the Auto-Tuned track during last month’s BRIT Awards in London. “The collaboration on this song is a doozy, it’s a spectacular one,” will told Capital FM.

“#thatPOWER” will appear on will’s upcoming solo album #willpower, due April 23.

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  1. Jay z

    A Auto Tune mess – HOV


    One Reply:

    @Jay z, An auto-tune mess*
    in the English language we tend to use “an” instead of “a” before a word that begins with a vowel.

    Hope you learned something today you monkey


    Glamazon Reply:

    @One, You Getting Paid Bitch?


    mumi Reply:

    @One, Tell me how your correct spelling makes him a better person?


    Mr Nice Watch Reply:

    @mumi,so he doesn’t sound illiterate, ignorant and can get a job at Micky D’s. duh


    Glamazon Reply:

    @Mr Nice Watch, But Hes Not Speaking His Typing And Just Because Someone Misspelt A Word Doesnt Make Them Ignorant Infact You Sound Ignorant For Saying That


    Andy Reply:

    @Jay z, First of all this shouldn’t be here since this song isn’t a rap, not even the artists. Second, people tag a song as “bad” immediately after they think it has auto-tune. Third, is not auto-tune, auto-tune is used to “clean” your voice, so it sounds good in the radio and your ipod, what constantly uses in his songs is filters and other effects to make his voice sounds “special”. I have heard him live and he sounds ok. Fourth, you people have to understand that this methods have been used a long ago and probably your fav use it too (auto-tune and effects). That doesn’t make the artists less talented. Also, to be an artists you just not simply have a nice voice; you need charisma and appeal, be a performance and entertainer. Have a nice day.


  2. catnip

    loves it!


  3. kate

    i hate auto tune


  4. Bob

    Let dance music die. Stupid


    Grace Reply:

    @Bob, Dance music doesn’t need to die. It needs to die for artists who did not start off in the genre. And if is so stupid, please tell me why is a millionaire and you’re sitting on your ass talking shit.


  5. One

    popped a molly now im lovin it


  6. Kasia

    This is Will’s style don’t take it so seriously it’s good dance music I ❤ it


  7. WTF

    This is it, this is the last straw for me, Rap/RnB nowadays is just pure shit, we came to this, HASHTAGING songs, wow, good old days.


    TakeTheseFactsB*tch Reply:

    @WTF, This isn’t “Rap” or “RnB” tho -.-


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  9. ayee

    will-i-am know how to produce real garbage…


  10. Belieber 94

    not Justins best work. He has talent why he made so many autotune tracks :(


  11. CaesarLiveNLoud

    not feeling this song… but I guess the bieber fans will eat this up like there’s no other song out there



    Don,t really like them verses. But that hook is fucking AWESOME


  13. KayeV

    so now everything is gonna be written like #this ? this is juss a huge step back ; can will.i.cant juss stop making this generic pop edm mess . i swear if MUSIC itself could sue people …


  14. Chauncey

    While most crab niggas are bitching because it’s not what they expected or want, the civilized population will either buy it or get the fuck over it and move on with their lives.


  15. Gyary

    Pop trash


  16. @JamesOck

    autoooooo tune
    but makes some sick beats no matter who he works with


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  18. A Bad Bitch

    Two of the wackest singers in the world in one song.AMAZING!


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