Celebrities Tweet Support for Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne

While there’s still uncertainty surrounding Lil Wayne’s condition, one thing’s for sure: He has support from his peers in the industry. Some of Weezy’s closest friends and famous fans took to Twitter to express their concern for the Young Money boss as he recovers from a seizure at an L.A. hospital.

Fellow rappers 2 Chainz and T.I. blasted the reports of his critical condition. Others like Keri Hilson sent prayers his way and wished for a speedy recovery. His YMCMB family including Busta Rhymes, Christina Milian, and Jay Sean showed their solidarity, and even Usher sent positive energy from the stage at SXSW in Austin, Texas.

Read some of the well wishes for Weezy.

Fergie: My prayers go out to Lil Wayne & his family tonight. #PrayForWeezy @LilTunechi

Busta Rhymes: Spoke 2 @LilTunechi lastnight and the big homie @BIRDMAN5STAR 2night and everything good. God is good. Team Strong #YMCMB #RichGang

B.o.B: He str8, don’t believe the rumors.

Paris Hilton: Great to hear, was so worried. Love you Wayne.

T.I.: Just holla’d @my Lil bruh Tunechi…& he skraight! TMZ some fuck-niggaz for reporting that hoe-ass-shit!!! That man daughter is like mines. That shit surely got his mama hurtin,his kids hurtin,& he got true to da game patnas like me & Othas who ready to RIDE bout all da fuck shit.

Snoop Dogg: praying for Lil wayne. N his family. We need a heavy prayer line to get Wayne bc to life. We need to help. He’s our Lil brother @LilTunechi

Gabby Douglas: Sending up prayers for @LilTunechi #PrayForWeezy

Keri Hilson: Terrible news. Praying for a full recovery for @LilTunechi… #PrayersForWayne

2 Chainz: Media should be ashamed

Jay Sean: Sending all my prayers and love to Lil Wayne (@LilTunechi)right now.u gon be aight brother. @BIRDMAN5STAR my thoughts are with u bro. Love.

Rick Ross: We sending Prayers for mybrother Tunechi and YM.

Christina Milian: My prayers are with you @LilTunechi #ymcmb

Mac Miller: Prayin for Wayne.

Lil Twist: Man MOTHER FUCK TMZ! Post that! My brother is doing fine! I don’t give a fuk what the press, media, etc. have to say about me… But don’t spread false lies about my family!!

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  1. Tygass

    weezy a codine addict and addicts eventually die the way weezy promotes drinking ‘sizzurp’ in his raps means no man should feel sorry for him


    Ice Reply:

    @Tygass, You make a good point, all drug abusers have what’s coming to them. But I still pray that anyone in that situation will recover. People can change, unless they die first. I think the music world would miss Weezy.


  2. TrinaFan

    Glad he’s ok. Hope he lays off the codeine.



    How many relevant celebrities tweeted though? Hahaha…


    hnhh Reply:

    @#BEENTRILL, this isnt all of them dumbass. he got tweets from jay z aaron rodgers and so on.


    randu Reply:

    @#BEENTRILL, lil wayne has been the most relevant artists for the past 7 years. cut it out


  4. Denise lil wayne fan

    God bless lil waybe i am glad he’s all right my prayers go out to him


  5. HOV

    We mad at each other right other right now but I hope my nigga good. – HOV


  6. allen

    thz b*tch *ss mafuckers TMZ deserve hell of shit their way knw wot m sayng en all b*tch *ss niggaz out thre whz celebrating ths TMZ shit false gossip fuck all ya real niggaz stay loyal we love u man kp it real


  7. MRB

    Something is fishy! I don’t wish nothing bad on no one and wish him a speedy recovery! However Lil Wayne is drug addict so what do you expect when you make your life about coke and syrup! One day his demons was gonna catch up with him! Guess he’ll put that cup down now!


    randu Reply:

    @MRB, youre a blogger. you dont know him personally. in fact you dont know anything about him. its not your place to assess him


    MRB Reply:

    @randu, Your right, I don’t know him and don’t have a reason to judge but I’m stating an opinion which I’m entitled to on a blog site! If he wants to do all the drugs in the world go head! He doesn’t pay my bills so at the end of the day IDGAF, However he is a drug addict! That’s all he talks about is what’s in his cup so if he chooses to do drugs then he has to own up to what might happen in the long term! People kill me when they think people should sugar coat life! He’s a drug addict and he feels this works for him so when stuff like this with TMZ pop up how can you be mad?


    Dlady Reply:

    @MRB, well said. Why dont you fans stop running from the truth and come togeher to send your support to have him stop doing drugs? Don’t get mad at others who voice their opinions. He got a second chance at life. Not everyone is so lucky. From this point on he needs to make better decisions due to the fact that he has children and a fans base of kids watching.


    Andy Reply:

    @randu, I’m with MRB. The guy is a drug addict, what he expected? I don’t feel sorry for him, I feel shame on him. Even if I don’t personally know him, I know he has some problems if he needs drugs. I hope he gets better and stop doing drugs.


  8. mumi

    T.I. should really get an education.


    Speechless Reply:

    @mumi, it’s twitter. calm down, you think he actually speaks like that when in a meeting or something?


    Jazzy Reply:

    @mumi, He needs an edu-macation….haha opps I mean, EDUCATION just because of how he spelled his words in his tweet? You act like he’s writing for a magazine or something. It’s TWITTER, everybody writes how they want to. #JustSayin’


  9. Magdalena

    tmz is stupid and so not credible


    turquoise. Reply:

    @Magdalena, TmZ is usually on point. I don’t think he was given his last rights, but I think they were correct about everything else. Lil Wayne did NOT tweet that shit. I can understand his team trying to cover it up though. The hospital can get sued for violating HIPAA. Shame on that employee.


  10. Nae

    @mumi Actually T.I. is a very smart man & a successful business man. With all that being said he does have an education. The level doesn’t matter.


    Jazzy Reply:

    @Nae, Thank you!! Shows how much @mumi knows.


  11. Chris

    since when does any one talk about lil twist ?


  12. muzy

    U will b ait man we praying 4 you #much love lil tunechi


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  14. Elly

    Why cant everyone just be happy that Lil Wayne got a second chance at life instead of pin pointing every flaw or habbit he has, because i am pretty sure whoever has negative comments are not perfect either whether it be drugs or not.Im am a huge fan of Wayne and hope for the best, music would deffinitly not be what it is today with out him.. End of story


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