Justin Timberlake to Release ’20/20′ Sequel in November?

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake’s The 20/20 Experience hasn’t even hit stores yet, but there’s already a sequel in the works. The pop star is reportedly readying a second installment to the album.

The Roots drummer ?uestlove spilled details about the 10-track follow-up in a forum post on Okayplayer (via HHNM).

“spoiler alert. 20/20 Vol 2 comes out in nov. (10 songs now…..10 songs later= 20 vision),” he revealed.

He also responded to the criticism Timberlake has faced for the album. “i admire the balls it took to make this record,” he said. “cause he coulda easily urshurd his work in and made diplo his teddy riley to 20/20′s dangerous instead of sticking with timb’s Quincy.”

After word of the sequel got out, a perturbed ?uestlove chided forum users. “friggin mofos done ran with this info snitching and shit,” he quipped. “back before social media i was all sharing treats and happy in our insular world. now mofos all using my position to get their blogs posting on. im going back to the shadows.”

During his appearance on “106 & Park,” Timberlake hinted that he and Jay-Z had recorded more songs in addition to “Suit & Tie.” “I don’t want to give too much away, but we’ve done a lot of songs together, so hopefully those will find a way to see the light of day,” said J.T.

Timberlake was joined by ?uestlove for a not-so-surprise show for Myspace last night in Austin, Texas, for SXSW. More than 750 people gathered at the Coppertank Events Center to hear him play new songs off The 20/20 Experience and past hits including “What Goes Around… Comes Around.”

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  1. Mystery

    Hope he reunite with The Neptunes to complete the other half.


    ayee Reply:

    @Mystery, ohhh hell naw !


    shel Reply:

    @Mystery, the album is already done.produced by timbo & JT.


    X Reply:

    @Mystery, hell no!


    Ice Reply:

    @Mystery, YESSSS, for those of you posting “hell no”, did you forget about “Like I Love You”, “Rock Your Body”, and “Senorita”?!?


    Tez Reply:

    @Ice, Timbaland wrote “Rock Your Body”


    TheNepchunes Reply:

    @Tez, no Chad Hugo Pharrell n Justin wrote it lmao


  2. ayee

    I understand the album is already done.

    also november isn’t that far ..


    X Reply:

    @ayee, Girl. The whole era is old. Do you really think they recorded everything new? These are so many leftovers which are re-recorded…. stop sleeping.


  3. chantal

    Yess great!!! cant wait


  4. Coco

    Makes sense. I was wondering why we were only getting 10 songs. I mean, yeah the songs are 8 minutes long but the album is called 20/20. I hope there is a sequel


    Whatcha_Sayin Reply:

    @Coco, Do you ACTUALLY know what 20/20 means?


  5. JHP

    That’s definitely what I like to hear, I secretly wondered if Justin was about to drop a 10 song album and then just fade away (musically) for 7 more years and drop a 4th album when he’s 39 or something lol. I had been kind of hoping Hov & He were gonna do some kind of duo album or EP together, especially since they’re doing a tour with each other


  6. TickTockTick

    stupid concept.


  7. Dan

    A sequel already? Great news! Don’t tell me though, Hov is gonna convince him to call it “The 40/40 Club,” right? Lol That Jay-Z influence, everybody!


  8. 2bad2bme

    people never have anything positive to say these days…so much hatred and opinions on every least little thing…everybody talks about the Illuminati in the music business so much they fail to realize that satin is using them too


  9. Dave

    What bothers me about ?uestlove’s response is that he can’t see through the bullshit, despite him pointing it out.

    This album is great, but where it’s truly lacking is in production. It sounds like 2005 and is unmistakably familiar. Yeah, he purposefully chose to work with Timbaland, but how is that ballsy? Get real! He’s been working with Timbaland since 2002. It was safe and easy.

    Why hate Diplo? Because Usher worked with him? Remember Beyonce’s “Til The End of Time”? Yeah, that was Diplo, too. Two amazing songs. His work on No Doubt’s album was great, as was his stuff for M.I.A., Robyn, etc. Just because he’s versatile doesn’t mean he sucks.

    Moreover, none of his stuff has even crossed over to the mainstream except for Paper Planes (Climax was an URBAN hit). Timbaland is to Justin Timberlake as JD is to Mariah Carey. Safety nets that are played the fuck out. Justin working with Diplo would’ve been a million times ballsier.


    Drb Reply:

    @Dave, I love you! Every word of your post is perfection.


    Ursula Reply:

    @Dave, Bingo! Someone knows what they’re talking about.


  10. Paige

    Shaping up to be JT’s year!!!!


  11. Drb

    My issue is ?est shouldn’t have said anything. It was supposed to be a huge surprise for October I’m assuming but now… You ruined Christmas. Thanks mom, I knew was I was getting months ago but thanks.


  12. Mr. Fye

    I hope its better than the 1st


  13. Ice

    Exactly! I feel JT teaming back up The Neptunes would be more so a breath of fresh air than him and Timbaland. The Neptunes songs on ‘Justified’ are stronger than the Timbaland joints, imo.


    Kris Avalon Reply:

    @Ice, I agree. When they worked with Madonna on Hard Candy I thought Pharrell’s songs were stronger than the songs she did with Timbaland and Justin.


  14. TheNepchunes

    1st off it wouldn’t be a sequel without The Neptunes ..second off i wouldn’t fuck with JT for doing that when they took him from being that white boy from NSYNC and made him funky fresh. #BeleeDat


  15. Jay

    OMG YES!!!!! I so can’t wait!!!!! I can’t wait until Tuesday!!!! My boy JT is coming back hard!!!!! :)


  16. Unk

    JT timbo takeover again


  17. Hugh

    F##k you Questlove!

    Ruining the surprise


  18. Mickey

    November? Is he going to have a mustache on the sleeve?


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