Angel Haze and Azealia Banks Settle Feud

Angel Haze and Azealia Banks

Angel Haze and Azealia Banks are putting their differences aside. The fiesty femcees have buried their beef.

The New York rappers got into a feud in January, exchanging fiery words and diss tracks on Twitter.

During an interview with Fuse at SXSW, Angel said she has moved on. “I’m a 20-year-old girl and sometimes I get a little aggy at other girls who kinda throw a little shade here and there,” she admitted.

“As far as I’m concerned, it’s totally over. I don’t really care about it and I wish her the utmost success, and it shouldn’t have happened on such a public platform, so that’s all I regret.”

Azealia acknowledged her comments, tweeting, “@angelhaze thanks for being nice in ur interview beotch. I know you don’t hate me ;).”

Angel has recorded 13 songs for her debut Dirty Gold, due this summer on Universal Republic. “I wanna say I’m 60 percent there,” she said. “I’ve made recent adjustments to the record.”

The album will be executive produced by Markus Dravs, who has worked with Arcade Fire, Coldplay, and Mumford & Sons.

“I like to record in a form that I have a surplus of stuff to choose from, so once I have all that done, then I’m pretty sure I’ll be good,” she said.

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  1. 2bad2bme

    of course because it was for attention…why do women make such fools of themselves publicly


  2. Rasan825

    Glad These women are starting to think and stop this beef stuff. Who cares who started it. There is not any other females besides Nicki who are on. Stop the beef make good music and get on. More women need to follow this lead.


  3. Rasan8250

    Glad the pushed this to the side. Now on to what should be the only thing that counts, MUSIC!! I mean neither one of these women are really on they need to focus on that. Why are you women beefing with each other? Nicki has been the only woman fully doing it since 2009-present so the market is open for something different. There is room for so many others and yet the beefing. Hopefully letting beef go will become a trend.


    JustCoastWitHa Reply:

    @Rasan8250, Hopefully


  4. AshC

    I felt like it may have been a publicity stunt from the beginning


    Lol Reply:

    @AshC, nah


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  6. Righteous

    As one azealia beef ends another takes it’s place. Shystie’s diss track and video “doppelganger”rips Azealia a new hole. Murdered……DEAD.


    WTF Reply:

    @Righteous, lmao 100% agreed doppelganger kileed azealia lyrically


    fuck peace Reply:

    @Righteous, agreed


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  8. kate

    oh god she is so ugly :(((( and she isn’t cute


  9. WTF

    Angel Haze just watch your back with Azealia Banks


  10. olga

    she wants to be white but shes so damn black.


    Justsaying Reply:

    @olga, because she speaks properly ?! The hate is real I see


    ewr Reply:

    @Justsaying, she like definitely like doesnt talk like properly


    natgirrl Reply:

    Please enlighten us. Just how is a black person supposed to speak?


  11. Righteous



  12. Yasmine

    Oh, okay. Now she only has 50,000 more people to make peace with.


  13. Miss AMerica

    what? man this girl thinks she’s white so ugly no swag. Publicity thirsty butch


  14. Righteous

    Aaaahhhh……..does she make you feel?…….too ghetto? Inadequate?…….PLAIN STUPID? Angel Haze is one of the most LYRICALLY DEFT mc’s out there…….you bitter husk.


  15. A Bad Bitch

    I’m happy that she apologized!I love them both!


  16. Asa

    Publicity stunt for sure.


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