Nardwuar Introduces Trinidad James to Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Macklemore, Trinidad James, and Nardwuar

It was all love when Nardwuar met Trinidad James during his visit to SXSW. The quirky Canadian presented the “All Gold Everything” rapper with gifts including a vinyl of calypso singer Mighty Sparrow. He discussed his past jobs working at JC Penney and the waffle house near the strip club in Atlanta, where the strippers’ favorite meal was pork chops and eggs.

Trinidad showed his respect by presenting him with an autographed copy of his original mixtape Don’t Be S.A.F.E.

Nardwuar also introduced Trinidad to Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, who happened to be in the room waiting for their interview. They bonded over watches and Trinidad praised their hit song “Thrift Shop.”

And of course, Trinidad froze for a photo with Nardwuar after the interview. See how long he was able to hold the pose.

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  1. Ursula

    wack rapper meets wack rapper


  2. R M

    that was an interesting interview


  3. KayeV

    urggh these “rappers ” . macklemores is fine though :)


  4. Zack

    Hahaha, Trinidad is awesome! Not a good rapper, but you gotta love his attidute!


  5. fg

    the best is when he said doo dooda loo doo and hodgy beats just said “bukkake”


  6. aaliyah

    Aw Trinidad James seems like a nice guy.


  7. fire

    whats in that bag


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