Video: Cassie – ‘#RockaByeBaby’ [Trailer]


Cassie takes a walk on the wild side in the trailer for her upcoming mixtape #RockaByeBaby. The brief clip features footage of a shooting scene from New Jack City, where she got the title from. The Bad Boy babe struts down a dark road and blows smoke into the camera, while a mysterious vehicle drives by.

The mixtape drops April 11 featuring the single “All Gold, All Girls” with Trina and LoLa Monroe, plus appearances from Rick Ross, Meek Mill, Wiz Khalifa, Jeremih, and 2 Chainz.

The project will encompass a mix of genres. “It’s not pop, it’s not R&B, it’s Cassie,” she said.

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  1. Shaytan

    Just drop the damn mix tape


    J Smith Reply:

    @Shaytan, thats what i’m saying.,,, all that work spending Diddy’s money for a mixtape


    Jade Reply:

    @Shaytan, lol don’t nobody want that sh*t but you.


  2. Hov

    cassie is pop and r&B, also a struggle singer


    FlySly Reply:

    @Hov, lmao! RIGHT!


  3. Still Amazin

    I’m actually looking forward to her new music. Hope the hype is worth the wait!


  4. kate

    omg ! why? girl you CAN NOT SING ! DON’T make music !!! do you have talant? NOOOOOOO !


    2bad2bme Reply:

    @kate, Girl it is 2013 who u know that’s making number ones on the charts with talent. I’ll wait…


    kate Reply:

    @2bad2bme, Alicia Keys, adele, john legend, Frank Ocean, beyonce, miguel …


    Joey Reply:

    @kate, it takes a lot of talent to keep haters like you checking your new stuff after 8 years since your first and only huge hit. So YES Cassie does have talent.





    Kate Reply:

    @BEDSTUYFLY, no i haven’t and i am not singer


    Ashl3Y Reply:

    @kate, lol Kate uhm its talent not talant – seems like u dont even have a talent for spelling. #Hater!

    And P.S. If ur not a fan why bother checking out what she’s up2? I think inside u know that Cassie is dope. just admit it already ;-)


  5. Truth Hurts

    That trailer was actually really dope.


  6. Drea

    I love her!!! Cant wait for this


  7. MusicJunkie

    Im excited ! Been a fan for a long time . She better come with the HEAT Tho !


  8. yes

    I’m impressed she never gives up.
    Interscope obviously has lost faith in her so she has gone with the mixtape route.
    I’m excited for it.


  9. tell'em

    She’s trying too hard. Maybe one day she’ll figure out singing just isn’t for her. Just doesn’t come off as natural or authentic for her.


  10. yourboycelebrity

    I love her she doing what she loves, eveyone has a dream. But not many persue them because of negativity like all the comments I read on this site, from people that aint doin their own damn thang!!


  11. KeepinIt100

    Bow Down Cassie!


  12. VMili

    what kind of image is she going for now? I like it but it’s very different to what i imagined :s
    Love her though


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  14. Swaggedupstud

    Yessssssss im excited havent excited about cassie in a long time and its coming back get it cassie with your sexy self love her voice


  15. Sai2k

    I like watching her videos because she’s good to look at, very beautiful girl, shes not a bad dancer but she deffo cant sing, nowadays looks alone suffice, extreme talent is a rarity


  16. GrillCheck



  17. GrillCheck

    What did she have to do to get the collabs in this desperate attempt to resuscitate a music career which never existed? Collabs aint for lifting non existant careers, but great for lifting other things LOL! Do yourself and the music biz a favor Cassie: CNA (as in Certified Nursing Assistant). Your ‘talents’ are more needed there…


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