Kendrick Lamar Gets Surprised with Jay-Z’s Remix Verse

Kendrick Lamar

Jay-Z added a verse to Kendrick Lamar’s “Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe,” but it turns out Kendrick was the last to know. During a late night session for ScHoolboy Q’s upcoming album OxyMoron, TDE CEO TopDawg surprised the Compton MC with the remix a week after Jay recorded it. They captured his candid reaction as he heard Hov’s voice come through the speakers.

“He bodied that shit,” said a smiling Kendrick. “Damn, that’s grimey.”

Watch him get the ultimate surprise.

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  1. MMG-Suede

    God can do so much for a nigga


  2. dsdfd

    private video…..


  3. Whitney

    Ugh. Wanted to see this.


  4. Josh

    I want to see it but…it’s private



    Respect that TDE finally getting the recognition they deserve


  6. TonyToneDaChef

    Hahaha Jay-z did body that shit he went hard


  7. drew

    You could see the nerves hit him like “frig, I gotta come hard” – good thing he did though. both of them went in.


  8. Katy

    most overrated artist. 99% black people hype because they want him too see above eminem


    Jasmine Reply:

    @Katy, he is above Em.


    Katy Reply:

    @Jasmine, hahahaha nice joke! he will never above nas, eminem, jay-z. he is just overrated. j cole is way better than him


    Rachel Reply:

    @Katy, Agreed Re: J. Cole. People act like Kendrick is shitting on everyone of his contemporaries and they love bringing J. Cole’s name up but what they fail to realize is that one is a college educated dude from a small town in NC with certain experiences and the other is Compton and has a vastly different story to tell.


    King Dro Reply:

    @Katy, Katy doesn’t “get” it. It’s ok. You’ll dick ride Kdot with the rest when the Kendrick/Cole tape drops


    Morgan Reply:

    @Katy, He is very overrated. Definitely agree.


    GTFOH Reply:

    @Katy, STOP IT.


  9. barey

    kenderick is becoming bigger now #Respect …i cant believe bruno mars and the cocaine problem..i mean just google kelsnetwork


  10. Miguel

    His voice, lyrics & music make him attractive.


    Len1975 Reply:

    @Miguel, I agree Miguel!!!


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