Jessica Sanchez and Ne-Yo Perform on ‘American Idol’

Ne-Yo and Jessica Sanchez

Jessica Sanchez and Ne-Yo lit up the stage with an electrifying performance on “American Idol’s” results show last night. The “Idol” alum and R&B superstar teamed up for the first performance of Sanchez’ dance-pop single “Tonight,” earning them a standing ovation from judges Nicki Minaj, Keith Urban, and Randy Jackson.

The 17-year-old singer will release her debut Me, You & the Music on April 30 via 19 Recordings/Interscope Records.

Watch their live performance and the music video for “Tonight” below.

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  1. Yuperz

    She looked like she was trying to hard with the whole stage presence thing.


    joe_somo Reply:

    @Yuperz, i kind of agree… she can sing no doubt,but does she have that “it” factor to me… bye


  2. opd2

    she did her thing.


  3. Bon

    SHE SLAYED!!!!


  4. Indie Reece

    Happy for Jessica!!!


  5. [email protected]



  6. SeanSpace

    Yawn. The song and the duet sucked. Who stole the soul?


  7. DRB

    She’s better than this crap material. I still think she needs time to develop her own sound, both vocally and musically. This song is so …. generic.


  8. georgia23

    I like it. Her voice is better than this stuff but she’s still young so she can’t be sitting in a window sill singing about how wrong he did her but she’s better for it now. That’s stuff that you save for 2nd/3rd single IF at all. Y’all need to realize that the industry is about what’s selling. Then the same people with the GALL to sit on here acting self righteous about the content being “generic” don’t BUY albums from artists who are making music with substance and content. (Hello Jill Scott, India.Arie, Algebra, Luke James and more) WE are the buying public, WE have the right to show the industry what’s hot and relevant by what we’re buying. You choose to illegally download and/or just not buy the stuff you LOVE but you’ll spend money on what you “like” after a few spins. FOH.


  9. Syretha

    She was fresh and did a great job. The song was catchy, and I liked it right off, which is unusual for me when hearing a song for the first time. Good job Jessica!


  10. [email protected]

    Chick can barely hold her pants up much less sing anything worth listening to. R & B is dead and electro-pop is crap.


  11. Noy

    Good job to both of you. They are just jealous for a young lady that performs very well. I will buy the Album. Can’t wait! More power to you Jessica and Ne-yo.!!


  12. Felipe

    Fat Mariah coudn’t lift her ass off that chair. I hoped Jessica Sanchez music to be a lot more souful than this Pitbull-JLo songs


  13. HOVorJefe

    I liked it.


  14. turquoise.

    The song sounds like everything else on Top 40 radio. And why is Ne-Yo singing first on HER song?


  15. whitechocolate

    i think the song is suited more little kids and casual pop listeners. she has a really good stage presence though. good job


  16. JustCoastWitHa

    She did an amazing job!


  17. John

    No euphoria whatsoever.


  18. King

    Jessica is great, but god I never want to hear a Ne-Yo song ever again…so he’s so annoying and basic!! Just go away already!!!!!!!


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