MTV Brings VMAs to Brooklyn’s Barclays Center

MTV Video Music Awards

Hello Brooklyn. The MTV Video Music Awards are headed to the home of Jay-Z and Biggie for the first time ever.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the show, MTV will broadcast the VMAs from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, on Sunday, August 25. This also marks the first major annual award show to take place in the borough of Brooklyn.

“From a vibrant musical scene for up and coming artists to epic concerts by today’s biggest stars and the triumphant return of pro sports to the borough after nearly 60 years, Brooklyn has re-emerged as a cultural capitol where music, sports and entertainment history is made every day,” said Stephen Friedman, President of MTV. “We can’t wait to help write the next chapter on August 25th, when one of the biggest nights in music happens in Brooklyn…for the very first time.”

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg also welcomed the VMAs to the BK. “Brooklyn is home to icons like the Cyclone in Coney Island and the Brooklyn Bridge, and now it can lay claim to the MTV ‘Video Music Awards,’” he said. “Bringing the VMAs to Brooklyn will mean hundreds of jobs as crews work on the production and provide a boost to our local economy as attendees stay in hotels, visit local eateries and experience all Brooklyn and our City have to offer.”

The show has been held in Los Angeles for the past three years. The last time it took place in New York was in 2009 when it was held at Radio City Music Hall.

The Barclays Center opened in September and is home to the Brooklyn Nets. Jay-Z christened the venue with a week-long series of sold-out concerts, which saw appearances from Beyoncé and Big Daddy Kane.

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  1. youuMADtho?



  2. DRB

    Good. The show sucks when its in LA.


  3. kurtis_Shane

    YES!!! I will be attending this event *excited*


  4. deelee

    this has beyonce written alllll over it


  5. sean



  6. Phanyie

    they should do a tribute for Aaliyah cause the 25th August is the day of her death!!!



    @Phanyie, Who’s Checkinq For Aaliyah Tho.


    Krimlins Reply:

    @BEYHIVE|KING B, One Of The Reasons Why I Don’t Fxck With The Beyhive


    Keisha Cole Reply:

    @Krimlins, ONly him/her! Not all the beyhive are that stupid! I am a behive but I LOVE Aaliyah!! And that comment was not rude and unnecessary!


    Phanyie Reply:

    @BEYHIVE|KING B, Aaliyah>Beyoncé!!!


  7. Dadonroman

    Ohh Nahh #RATCHET That’s Too Close To My Home


  8. Adele's Pizza Delivery Man

    Goood so Jay and Beysus can call Kanyesus and Kim and invite Adele and we can go stuff our face with pizza


  9. Oh

    oh shit Nicki might run into Kim


  10. Mariah2014

    Wow that’s a first


  11. Dan

    Thank God!!! It’s not Radio City Music Hall or even MSG, but I’ll take it! MTV, stay the f**k away from L.A.

    Seriously, they should change it up every year, starting with a return to Miami next year. More arenas that are relevant, less theatres that BET can barely afford…


  12. Keisha Cole

    I will be watching beyonce slay that night!! I’m sorry again King B!


  13. Adelephant

    Chile yaw know Beyonce & Jay wil RULE that night. Im excited for all of the artists and performances. It will be great


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