New Music: Shanell – ‘Be Your Girl’ (Teedra Moses Cover)


Shanell takes it back to 2004 with her cover of Teedra Moses’ “Be Your Girl,” which she calls one of her favorite songs. The Young Money songstress sings about a special guy who makes her heart sing.

“Shoutout out to Teedra Moses luv this song!” tweeted SnL.

Hear her sweet and sexy rendition below.

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  1. RNB 4 evah

    This song should’ve been HUGE. Pure quality right there! And now we got D.Wood’s sister covering a Teedra classic.. but, I must say. She did really good!!! I think Teedra will be proud! :D


  2. Kate

    Who is she?


  3. Hot

    She sounds good.

    If you like R & B and don’t know who Teedra Moses missing out on something special.

    Love Teedra!


  4. MRB

    Not a bad cover but she shouldnt do that again! Teedra can only sing that song!


  5. 726j

    Im sorry boo… nice try but this aint touchin teedra’s original.


    AAA Reply:

    @726j, shutup, did she she said she was tryna out-do hers…I’m sure what you like to do, someone better than u at it


  6. Rasan8250

    I like the fact that she gave one of the most Underrated R&B Artist in the game.


  7. Jhun Mosby

    Shanell’s voice is so beautiful she can do no wrong in my eyes… I love her music! I can’t wait for another mixtape


  8. Instant Coffees

    Yes, Acknowledge the true R&B songstress. I’ll check you out now.


    Instant Coffees Reply:

    @Instant Coffees,
    Thanks for the effort, but this is mediocre at best compared to the original Lioness. Makes me appreciate Tee even more though.


  9. Welp

    I beg her to get rid of that snot trail attached to her nose.


  10. EL

    The original is everything. Not sure she should have touched it.


  11. Fa

    The original is on my player since it came out in 2004
    no one compares to Teedra
    NO ONE


  12. kjamaal

    Weak in comparison to the original. Shouldn’t be touched. Teedra Moses’ voice is so distinct & fluid. This is like bad karaoke


  13. Mac

    I love it. And original as well



    i don’t like this kind of music


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