Video: Cassie f/ Rick Ross – ‘Numb’ [Trailer]

Rick Ross and Cassie

Bad Boy once again joins forces with MMG in the video for Cassie’s “Numb.” With two weeks to go until her mixtape #RockaByeBaby drops, the Bad Girl debuts the trailer for the song featuring Rick Ross.

“I make music to numb your brain,” she sings as she poses on the beach, while Rozay smokes a cigar.

Cassie also recently shot a video for “Paradise” with Wiz Khalifa. Due April 11, #RockaByeBaby is set to feature appearances from Meek Mill, Jeremih, and 2 Chainz.

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    sorry but cassie is beautiful but she is not a singer .. there is a problem with this voice .. this is the problem… cassie could be a model more a singer Sorry !! change job cassie because music is not for you baby


    Croqque Reply:

    @JOSEPH, whatever, you don’t like her voice, a lot of people love her voice. You don’t have any right to tell someone what to do with their life. I wish people sat around and judged you.


    AAA Reply:

    @JOSEPH, so what if she can’t sing that well, but point is she has fans that like her, someone might not find you attractive, but I’m sure they not out letting the world to know


  2. Croqque



  3. Oh?



  4. MMG-Suede

    I guess looks can really get you far in life.. anyway #MMG


  5. King

    We get she’s not a good singer, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t the least bit excited for this mixtape project. Lets just enjoy the music for now because from here on out it’ll just be modeling that we see her in. That 2nd album is never coming out. Ever.


  6. Paul Broggan

    People class her as a bad singer as she cannot sign live. Some music wasn’t meant to be sung live. No artist could sign Me & You live and make it sound good its just the style of music she makes. Her voice is awesome its so chilled and soft.


  7. BreauxHo

    I love her voice. and i’m excited.



    enjoy the music yes enjoy high and quality music !!
    before cassie is not a singerand in 2013 it’s the same … in the game : there are BEYONCE AND RIHANNA !!!AND LAST YEAR : IT WAS NICCKI MINAJ MAYBE CIARA IN 2013 i wait her album that’s all!!


  9. kate

    omg ! i only can say omg ! she is NOT singer her voice i cant ! talant – 0. someone tell her :))))


  10. Fa

    MAYBACH do u hear me?
    drop cassie and focus on what is legendary:


    Rassie_Schmits Reply:

    @Fa, teedra moses lmao


    Denise Reply:

    @Fa, Cassie is not on Maybach Music.

    Teedra Moses should be happening tho


  11. Denise

    I am SO looking forward to this mixtape now! This song sounds amazing! The beat flows and so does she. I like this style by her! Can’t wait to see what she has got in store for us.


  12. MusicJunkie

    This Is Dope ‘ & what excatly makes u a good singer ? Just because u have a high voice dosent make u a better singer . They’re to different world’s when is comes to that . Cassie may not have a strong voice ‘ but her soft tone is kinda rare . Lets see beyonce or mariah carey try to sing me & u or any of cassie’s songs . It just wouldn’t work . Britney could not sing at all & y’all made her a legend . Rihanna has to be the most overrated artist of our generation & y’all support her . Soo stop being hypocrite’s


    QueenBeyonce Reply:

    @MusicJunkie, no hun as a Beyonce fan I have to say Bey is the most overrated Rihanna is just overrated to people because she get hits and the people yall want to get hits cant but Rih has good music that people love you can feel her pain on songs and stuff



    @MusicJunkie… Couldn’t have said it better myself! She is so dope, and Rockabyebaby is going to be amazing


  14. Anita B.

    I think Cassie is one of those artists who aren’t necessarily about the voice but the look and the sound. She’s taken a long break from music but from the music I’ve heard from her so far I hear growth. Hopefully this mixtape will do great for her and build good hype for her album resulting in good sales (well that’s if she cares about sales).


  15. rrr

    scary brainwashing music. numb my brain. mind control ppl


  16. RNB 4 evah

    i agree with denise, and i love this!! can’t wait for full track!


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  18. Bijan

    love it


  19. Kurt

    “I make music to numb your brain” DOPE looking foreward to this mixtape. April The 11th 2013 #RockaByeBaby will speak for its self


  20. QueenBeyonce

    Sounds like some good stuff but Im not a Cassie fan I think she should model in this music shit she wont get far and thats why she with Diddy…


  21. Slyt

    Dear Cassie-

    Stop trying to make fetch happen. Just be a model…cause this singing shyt aint for you.

    Thank you,


  22. yeahrightt

    Numb! Yes my brain went numb listening to this crap. Feel like I just lost a few brain cells. Nobody’s check for Cassie and everybody knows Bad Boy is where careers go to die, when was the last time that label had a hit, don’t worry I’ll wait. Diddy too busy selling vodka and overpriced bottled water.


  23. Ant

    Poor Lassie


  24. ita

    @Ant loool.

    Cassie- do you realise diddy is using you? you are his side piece. you are getting opportunities just because of the way you look. Talented people who CAN sing do not have the opportunities you do, just because you are fucking diddy. if you were ugly do u think diddy would be by your side?? hell no, looks fade. When yours are gone, so will he. do you realiuse what fucking your boss makes you look like? a weak whore. fucking for tracks.


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