Video: Jaden Smith – ‘Hello’

Jaden Smith

MSFTS run the city. Jaden Smith takes over the Big Apple in the black-and-white video for “Hello,” which appears on his mixtape The Cool Cafe.

The 14-year-old rapper makes his way through the subway up to the streets, saying hi to people he walks by and window shopping.

The paparazzi take notice and tag along, snapping pics of Will’s famous son during the impromptu shoot.

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  1. BreezyLover

    I like the MSFTS clothes.


  2. Melissa

    Jaden is turning into one ugly dude the older he gets!


  3. bobs

    I now think the SMITHS have purchased RAP UP..
    because no one realizes that we really don’t care about these dumb brats.


    Ant Reply:

    @bobs, i do..


  4. bobs

    We get it, DADDY has a ton of money and power… Blah blah blah….


  5. Zack

    Typical example of ‘I am black, therefore, i can rap”


    Coou Reply:

    @Zack, Typical example of you being a racist and ignoring him being raised by two parents that have always been part of hip hop/rap.


    Zack Reply:

    @Coou, if he was white he wouldnt have been rapping, i can guarantee you that. And you might wanna get a dictionary and look up what ‘rascist’ means cause i never said i dont like him cause he’s black.


  6. oaker

    dude. this beat is really nice.


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  8. Kate

    I like him


  9. E53



  10. LA11

    Was gonna hate lol, but actually pretty dope.


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  12. Nurse2013

    beat too damn nice for this lil boy to be rappin this shit on it….smfh


  13. kels

    could you guys actually listen to the song before u diss the track. he’s better than some rappers most people call class. (e.g wiz khalifa and 2 chainz) so forget that he’s young he’s a great rapper for a 15 year old


  14. Alejandro

    Very true he’s actually rapping & making sense as oppose to what Wiz, 2Chainz, Big Sean rap about most of their shyt doesn’t even make sense & they repeat them selfs in every other track. I mean give Jaden a chance


  15. T

    Young dumb ugly lame brat


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