Chris Brown Talks Drake and Frank Ocean Beefs, Tupac Comparisons

Chris Brown

Chris Brown has been everywhere this week. He capped off his press blitz with a return visit to “Big Boy’s Neighborhood” on Power 106 on Friday. Breezy spoke about his new album X, due in June or July, his beefs with Drake and Frank Ocean, being compared to Tupac, and collaborating with Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez.

On his relationship with Drake: “It’s not entertainment for me. It’s just more of me being real, saying what I gotta say. I ain’t out here trying to go at him, I ain’t got people after him. I have my differences and he has his. His music’s still hot.”

On his fight with Frank Ocean: “Some stuff went down, but it’s whatever. It’s always sensationalized and always blown out of proportion. I got respect for his music. I got respect for everybody else, so I ain’t really tryna go back down that route. Everything for me is moving forward.”

On collaborating with Rihanna: “Right now, I have a couple songs that I wrote for her album and mine that she’s featured on. The song’s called ‘Put It Up.’”

On comparisons to Tupac: “I just identify with a young black male who deals with trials and tribulations and can express his art through his poetry. I’m passionate so I can identify with that. Everything I do, I wear my heart on my sleeve.”

On working with Jennifer Lopez: “I’m just writing for her album. I got a couple other songs on my album that would be a great girl feature, especially for me and J.Lo. I just want to do a dope dance video with me and her.”

Hear him speak on these topics and more in the videos below.

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  1. Bakani

    His response to the 2 PAC, drake and ocean questions are well meditated. Mature and humble response something which he has seemed to lack since ’09. Interesting to see if his career will pick up more like it did after his bet awards performance! Mhhhh….


    CBE Reply:

    @Bakani, Thanks for a positive balanced comment.
    U actually listened before commenting.


    miles Reply:

    @Bakani, his PR team probably took more control over his choice of words. Not “hating” like CB always claims, its the truth


    T Reply:

    @miles, basically. The way he conducts himself in his private life (during Twitter feuds, fights with valets, temper tantrums, theft etc) say far more than any prepared statement from him and his team.

    Devil’s Advocate: Maybe it’s all heartfelt, but it doesn’t show in his actions.

    I get frustration but you have to rise above. Tupac chose the wrong things to rage about, like the fight the night he died and look how that ended up. Watch your circle Chris.



  2. Rachel

    Tupac? You know what …


  3. CBE

    I liked this interview…

    well done for TeamBreezy for not giving up on Chris, We are starting to see the massive attention put on this album…from him doing more interviews! this shows who the real fans are, unfortunately some will jump back being fans.

    We dont need posers!

    FINE CHINA APRIL 2013!!! TB Leggo!


  4. yung raw

    I think he’s been doing great interviews can’t wait till x come out he just gotta keep his head up for this year and do right by riri and the haters a be silent
    Now come the haters


    Drew Reply:

    @yung raw, Wasn’t your dumb ass just crying on another post after being called out for the dumb ass you are?


    yung raw Reply:

    @Drew, shut the fuck up and watch your mouth I mean keyboard cause you think you real tough talking shit behind that computer cause if I saw your bitchass on the street I have you on pins and needles bitch talking mad shit I have some niggas run in your crib with some shooters and kill you with you kid in your arm bitch trust me nigga you don’t want this fade bitch


  5. joe

    Great interview. Big Boi respectful but asked hard questions. breezy, open, honest and well thought out answered delivered in a non confrontational way.

    If Fine China song is as good as people say, I know the video is dope, I expect ‘X’ to do way better than ‘Fortune’ and at least as well or better than ‘Fame’.

    BET 106& park and Angie Martinez show on Monday

    So breezy got L A and NYC on lock!


  6. ricky

    lol who has ever compared him to 2pac.


    Chris Reply:

    @ricky, LMAO! That’s the dumbest comparison I’ve heard in a while.


    Yuperz Reply:

    @ricky, they both have nose rings… Maybe that’s why?… Lol


  7. Anastacia

    So excited cant wait for the new single #fine china they should put pre order :( anyone know when it comes out itunes?


  8. deeJay

    I like the interview as a whole. I do believe he will get back on top of this music scene. Much respect for him, he never lost from me.


  9. Zack

    What idiot compared him to Pac?


  10. [email protected]

    Great interview! Didnt know he went through depression. Hopefully, he and Rihanna are in a better mind space now. They both deserve happiness.

    Looking forward to ‘X’. Fingers crossed ‘Fine China’ is as good as the reviews are saying. Timbo, Pharrell, Danga on this album means this could be epic!


  11. Kate

    We dont need you chris we have miguel and frank ! And you dont write songs lieeeeer :)))


    Hov Reply:

    @Kate, frank ocean is fucking garbage you dumb whore


    wole Reply:

    @Hov, because u recognize talent?


    Quinn Reply:

    @wole, Lol, right?!


    lola Reply:

    @Kate, you spelled liar wrong idiot


  12. Bobbuilder

    Very Nice interview. Really proud of Chris. Glad he has owned up to his mistakes. Good job Chris. We support that good behaviour and will check out your new music.


  13. babymonster

    hiii sexy chris :)


  14. someone

    Great interview, I really applaud Chris for just putting it out there, and putting a meaning to what has been going on in his personal life, clarafying what alot of people are ASSuming. And he is not comparing himself to 2Pac, he’s just saying he understands the fact of how the man was demonized in the media and by haters…stop trying to put words in the guys mouth.


  15. Sharp Tongue

    I’m not feeling that Tupac comparison.


  16. SMDH

    So proud of him his interviews are great lately very thought out answers to all the questions he is maturing and I love it …..I have a feeling X will take him to the next level…. I’m hearing nothing but good things about this album #TeamBreezy forever!!!!


  17. WTF

    Who in their right mind would compare him to 2pac tho?


  18. Deb

    I am liking everything Chris is saying. Believe the feedback he got. Everyone has a past. He now needs to walk his talk. Nobody is perfect so there will be new lessons to be learned. For a while I was a little worried about Chris and wondering if he was going to get it. I feel positive about what he is saying. I am also glad Rihanna and Chris are going to give their relationship another try. I hope they now appreciate what they had and treat each other in a respectful manner. Keep hanging with the winners and walk away from the negativity


  19. Stre3t Danc@

    LOVE the fact he’s doing interviews again so that people would UNDERSTAND what he’s about!!


  20. BreezyLover


    Love how he always so shy and stutters when asked about Rihanna.


  21. Well alright

    I love how everytime he talk about Rihanna he just be cheesing lol but seriously love how much his grown and can’t wait for the album he never disappoints music wise


  22. joe


    hopefully, #Finechina song is good and can go Itues top 10 and make a Billboard debut in the 60s or 70s on the chart


    Grace Reply:

    @joe, I hope you’re getting paid for this. I really do.


  23. JHP

    He seems like he’s calmed down a little bit, like his attitude is different. He seems a little bit more humble and focused. And the way he’s been describing the music for his next album it seems like it could be dope. I hope that’s the case, he was once one of my favorite artist, I’d love to see him come back with some quality music that tops the charts and pushes album sales


  24. summer

    Great interview, he really seems like he is in a good place, I hope it continues, if he could just ignore alot of the naysayers…I know it’s probably hard and some of his actions, I can’t blame him, when some are so hell bent on his personal life. And you would think some people would think before hating,,,he isn’t comparing himself to 2Pac, he saying he can identify with media and naysayers assuming, judging, and all up in his personal life thinking they just know and don’t know sh**! 2Pac was a rapper, Chris is an R&B singer,dosen’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out.


  25. Ursula

    He seems better but actions will speak louder than words and the music needs to be better also


    Candance Reply:

    @Ursula, As a fan, I must note that this is so very characteristic of him. One moment, you think he’s fine and has his head on straight … next moment, he’s dissing people, fighting with people and making repetitive sex songs. We’ll see. My hopes have been dashed before.


  26. It'sjustdifferent

    He needs to drop that 2pac comparison thing out. Chris brown and 2pac are completely different artists. They are like worlds apart to me kmt.


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