New Music: Honey Cocaine – ‘Thug Love’ [Mixtape]

Thug Love

Honey Cocaine adds some sweetness to your Easter Sunday with her third mixtape, Thug Love. The Canadian raptress follows up last summer’s 90′s Gold with 22 new tracks, produced entirely by Dkevrim. Tyga’s protégé, who is signed to his Last Kings label, shares her struggle on the gritty collection.

“That shit can either make you or break you and I found a way to be strong and be independent,” says Honey, whose parents escaped genocide in Cambodia and fled to Canada. “You’re not the only one with problems in this world, so there’s nothing to complain about.”

Hear her story and watch the video for “Runaway Bride” below.

Download: Honey Cocaine – Thug Love

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  1. Tragedy

    Poor baby is trying so hard. I’ll give it a spin, and I really hope it’s good but…






    VMili Reply:

    @TEAMCIARA, why they so pressed?


    mike504 Reply:

    @TEAMCIARA, I hope you get the opportunity to log off of music blogs and actually read up on mental health so that you could understand that she was not the cause for this poor man’s suicide.


    T Reply:

    @TEAMCIARA, a girl he met a few years back was supposed to know about his mental state when lifelong family and friends didn’t. Chill. That’s disgusting to imply. Spin what you’ve been told puppet.


  3. VMili

    i like it


  4. the truth



    deseballs Reply:

    @the truth, grow up


  5. Rihanna

    The beats are dope but her voice is annoying


  6. ,.

    she doing her thing.


  7. lily

    dope a$$ mixtape *downloads*


  8. what

    the female Tyga


  9. Tamar

    I’mma need y’all to stop bringing up Freddy E. she is not the reason he killed himself. Chill out.

    Anyways, I like “really really” it’s cute. I also like “Icey Bitch”. That’s it.
    I like her voice.

    The ONLY problem I have is that all of the songs sound the same. Like, she could take a verse from each of the songs and put them in one song it’ll make sense.

    That is all. *deuce*


  10. Well alright

    Damn that sucks that you guys really think its her fault that Freddy killed himself smh small minded people.


  11. King Dro

    What a fag.. So sick of people acting fake. This fakeness is played out


  12. sophie

    when ya’ll gonna chill with that Freddy E stuff? I know if Freddy E was still living, he wouldn’t even appreciate you all to be saying that. He chose to kill himself, he was probably going through a rough time, you don’t know him personally to be saying any of that.


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  14. LAX

    She killed Freddy E.!!!! point blank


  15. joyride

    sigh…Miranda Writes is the new female emcee to look out for…rumor is she is trying to make a positive impact on the youth that listens to these “women” and their antics…she is Zulu Nation and has that old school flava in your ear


  16. ChiChi

    Like real talk, Honey is whack af. Just overrated.


  17. pinoy

    Fuck the haters, nobody would diss Honey Cocaine if she wasn’t a female cause girl got skills.

    Freddy E killed himself not the other way around.


  18. royl

    yall crazy people always got too blame everything happens for a reason if its not me then i shouldnt wrry bout its so u should do the same its not her fault its him he chose tht choice n now here we r


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  20. allure searles

    It is so honey covaine’s fault I have screen shots of what she said to him and claiming they were friends please. … they were more than that she played him he was in love with her and honey just didn’t give a damn about him so all of ya’ll need to stop defending her she is evil .


  21. allure searles

    She is a bully she told freddy to kill himself and he did he was in love with her knowing he was goimg through shit she should have been there for him but no she wants to talk shit fuck her


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