Rap-Up TV: Eric Bellinger Talks About Writing Chris Brown’s ‘Fine China’

Chris Brown will present “Fine China” to the world on Monday. On the eve of its release, singer-songwriter Eric Bellinger spoke to Rap-Up TV about co-writing the R&B record, which serves as the first single off Chris’ sixth album X.

“When you hear that, it’s gonna be something that Chris hasn’t done yet,” said the hitmaker, who’s previously written for Chris as well as Usher and Justin Bieber. “He really, really went back to the days of Sam Cooke, but we were still able to keep it 2013 at the same time.”

X is a throwback to the past. “Justin Timberlake really opened the lane for real music and we’re just gonna go running through it,” added Bellinger, whose mixtape Born II Sing, Vol. 3 drops April 15. “For so long, people have been deprived of that kind of sound.”

The album was heavily inspired by Michael Jackson, whose influence can be heard on the Danja-produced “Add Me In,” which he also penned. “I studied Michael so much and never do I get to really embody that. On this project, they were like, ‘Just do Michael.’”

Being around Chris in the studio made him realize his remarkable talent. “He was born to do this. He’s our new Michael Jackson. They can say whatever they want about him, but no one can knock his talent.”

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  1. Miguel

    He is talented in his own right but saying he’s the new Michael Jackson is overrated. He’s not even close to that.


    Lucy ball Reply:

    @Miguel, I agree because his success nor Ora represents that but it’s his opinion. I am curious to hear the track


    Tev Milli Reply:

    @Miguel, real shit….not hating on Chris but he will never be on MJ level


    mo Reply:

    @Miguel, I think a lot of people who work with him compare him to some of the untouchable greats (MJ, Tupac), not because CB is on their level, but because they are around him enough to see Chris’ work ethic. I think they appreciate that as artists themselves and hence give him huge compliments.


  2. Paige

    I’m hella excited for this single!!!


  3. deeznuts

    Blasphemy he a so so artist but never ever will this lil peon be remotely close to be the next Michael Jackson


    LISA Reply:

    Michael Jackson: ‘I Feel … Very Young’ at 50
    Music and Fame

    He said he hopes to “be myself” in his future work, but also that he is “inspired by many great artists,” noting he wished he could have worked with Brown or Fred Astaire.

    He sees his influence in some of today’s artists, specifically mentioning Chris Brown.


  4. joe

    umm..#FineChina was also cowritten by chris, Sevyn and Rocstarr.

    I can’t wait to hear this. I can’t imagine how it will sund but i know the video gon be dope!

    and yes, chris is our generation MJ with even more skills that he is more than just good at:

    all around entertainer

    mj was brilliant at dancing, videos and being on the cutting edge. Chris doesn’t have that word fame or doing things first and epic but for this generation, he is at the forefront and if u go see one of his shows or performances, u know it gon be tight!


    ., Reply:

    @joe, he’s only good at like 2 of those things though


    Katy Reply:

    @joe, what are you idiot talking about? his shows are not even good he is just using playback and dancing. mj always sung live


    Fool For You Reply:

    @Katy, Bitch shut up!! Your hating ass probably has never been to any of his shows! Chris DOES sing live as his shows! And ALL artist use backing tracks at concerts! Usher, Britney, Beyonce, Justin Timberlake. Any artist who does choreography. Hell even Celine Dion lips synchs at her Vegas Show!

    FYI MJ did NOT always song live! Check out some of his YouTube videos and you can see.


    Brian Reply:

    @Fool For You, Stop comparing Usher, Beyonce and Justin to Chris on live perforamnce loooooool. they are in another league than chris. Chris is not singing always live if he sings he sounds like a moron and we all know that there is no need to lie just accept it.


    channelPink Reply:

    @joe, Michael also did Direct and Produce and write and his ideas were his own.


  5. Ethan

    Atleast Eric isn’t afraid to have an opinion.


  6. marita

    he is KING BROWN.


  7. truth

    So what does Chris brown do in the studio apart from lending his voice? Producers produce all his music and Special writers always write he’s albums…. He is just a product.


    yung raw Reply:

    @truth, you’re not very smart he co writes all his songs produce and writes for others stop trying to take away this mans talent just because you have none he’s the most talented artist out now cause franks voice is average at best he’s always off key and from my knowledge I only saw trey songz talent was singing Miguel’s nice weeknds nice but they not 6 threats like Chris is


    Bitch Please!! Reply:

    @truth, Get your facts straight! Chris DOES write! His name is all over the credits on his last two albums & ALL of his mixtapes! Chris also produced his several records on his mixtapes! Chris is VERY involved with the making of his albums & his videos! He usually does the treatment for his own videos and had directed several videos for his artist Seyvn, Kevin McCall, Sabrina, & the group U.G.L.Y. Producers who have worked with Chris ALWAYS give him props on his writing abilities as well as the directors who have worked with him on his videos. Diplo, The Internz, Drumma Boy, Eric Bellinger have all publicly spoken about his writing abilities! You think they’re ALL flying?! FOH!

    Chris sings, writes, produces, acts, he can dance his ass off and he’s a dope graffiti artist who’s worked with some of the best graffiti artist there is. He is NOT just a product! FOH!


    CBE Reply:

    @Bitch Please!!, tell that ignorant knob head, I am disappointed at Rap up not mentioning Chris Co writes most of the time and sometimes writes on his own…well the credits will come out when the album is released.


  8. Katy

    He channels no one. Stop bringing Michael’s name. He will never be like him.


    Bitch Please!! Reply:

    @Katy, STFU you hating ass bitch!! This is someone who has actually WORKED with Chris so his opinion holds weight! He is not the person who has worked with Chris who has said this! They know what they’re taking about so your opinion is irrelevant!


    Brian Reply:

    @Bitch Please!!, Katy is just saying the truth. You fucking blind dumbass fan.


    Mila Reply:

    @Bitch Please!!, has he worked with. Micheal?


    CBE Reply:

    @Katy, Im an MJ fan first to be honest and I must agree but I liked Chris because he is the only one in this industry that reminds me of MJ when it comes to talent.

    still stop spreading negativity…troll


  9. Brian

    “Channels MJ” LOL this must be a joke! btw. Eric Bellinger sucks. He isn’t a good songwriter.


  10. Heat

    Everyone has their own point of view! Michael Jackson say that he reminds him of him when he was young! That Chris will have the same impact on music that he had. He also said that he loved Chris Brown. If you was an MJ fan you would know this!


    Justice league Reply:

    @Heat, link to the article please????


  11. [email protected]

    Can’t wait!!


  12. channelPink

    I dig how Chris said last year that his new album will sound like his old sh*t and how Nicki Minaj is gearing up for a massive Hip-Hop album. I’m also loving the direction artist been going lately with more vulnerable lyrics on songs being sent to radio. I did appreciate the dip into Euro music and the end of it all it’s all music and music is time.


  13. joe


    That’s correct but MJ also borrowed dance moves etc but not taking away from him, there is only one MJ.

    I think what people are saying is for this generation, Chris Brown is the closest thing and if peeps were really honest they would see it.

    When Breezy performs or does a show, u know he gon bring it 1000% and for his concert, he mostly sings live along with a backing track but you can still hear his live vocals.

    Can’t wait for FineChina, hope it’s everything they hyped it up to be.

    btw, MJ gave a co-sign to Breezy and acknowledged his talents.


    Will Reply:

    @joe, Agreed


  14. CBE

    Chris writes his own songs by the way and he has co writing credentials with Sevyn especially, so I dont think this guy wrote the song by himself as credits will show.


  15. Kalin

    I am a huge Chris Brown fan, but he is in no way, shape of form “the new Michael Jackson”. Niggas can fool themselves all they want but rational people know. No one can even properly imitate him.


  16. Bob

    When people say “real music” they lose a ton of credibility in my book. I’m as sick of dance pop as the next guy but music is music!


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