New Music: Jessie Ware f/ A$AP Rocky – ‘Wildest Moments (Remix)’

Jessie Ware and A$AP Rocky

Following his collaborations with Rihanna and Florence Welch, A$AP Rocky works his charm on yet another songstress. The Harlem rapper adds some swag to Jessie Ware’s single “Wildest Moments.”

“Even trendy in our corpses, fresh to death up on our coffins,” raps Rocky, who had previously shared his desire to work with the British sensation.

“I don’t care about her being a star, I just think she has a beautiful voice and a lot of talent,” he told the BBC.

The feeling was mutual. “I’ve wanted to work with him for so long, I can’t even tell you. I’ve been trying to get through to him; I’m desperate!” Jessie told MTV News. “Apparently he’s very charming, he’s a gorgeous boy, and he’s amazing.”

Jessie’s debut Devotion arrives in the U.S. on April 16. She will also play Coachella later this month.

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  3. Anita B.

    The song was absolutely gorgeous as it was, A$AP Rocky wasn’t needed…


    welp Reply:

    @Anita B.,

    Absolutely agree. The original was so good and Asap really did not mesh with the song at all.


    Anita B. Reply:

    @welp, I don’t understand why most singers think that putting a rapper on your song is going to make it a hit, sometimes thats not the intention but most of the time it does nothing for the song. Even Emeli Sande put Kendrick Lamar on ‘Next To Me’, I love Kendrick Lamar’s music but for me he added nothing to the song at all and we got the same situation with this song. I think Jessie Ware is going to be successful in the US I think they’ll appreciate her soulful sound more, in the UK urban music rarely sells, UK loves EDM and pop music.


    HabaneroDro Reply:

    @Anita B., the rapper thing is so true but really though, when’s the last time you heard her name outside of the BBC or your ipod? I thought she had a top 5 album in 2012 (better than Miguel imho) and this is the first bit of attention i’ve seen rap-up give her. Basic & predictible america


    Anita B. Reply:

    @HabaneroDro, True say. She did have a top 5 album but in the UK album sales are low, that week Jessie entered at no 5 was the week when the uk experienced the lowest album sales in history, the number 1 album that week sold 16,000 albums. She’s done well because she has a good fan base and her music is fantastic a lot of blogs like pitchfork support her music. A lot of international artists are using the same formula to break America for example, ‘put a rapper on your already great song’. Rap up is only giving her attention because asap rocky is on the song.


  4. Fa

    She is trying to come across more hood?
    Dunno but she is a mousy singer.
    Can’t imagine her being what she is trying to do!
    First album was good.
    Second will show what she really has to offer.
    Saw her live last week. She plays it safe:
    Song, break,song,break,song,break…

    She is like a petting that never leads to an orgasm!


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  6. BreauxHo

    Yall should do more things on Jessie Ware, and not just cus she has a rapper on her song.
    Her music is flawless and is very r&b hip hop oriented.


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